Child Care Proceedings Exposed

Traffic 2, Inside Child Protection- Watch The Film ABOVE.

Welcome to Child Care Proceedings Exposed. This website has been started by a group of concerned people who have had first-hand experience of child care proceedings. What is happening in family courts all across the country is fundamentally wrong and has no place in English law.

Miscarriages of justice are taking place on a daily basis in secret family courts. Judges, solicitors, barristers, social worker and guardians collude together to remove healthy children from loving parents based on false allegations of harm, or the risk of future emotional harm.

Human rights are being breached on a daily basis.

Article 3 – No torture, inhuman or degrading treatment. The prohibition on torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment is one of the most important provisions in the Human Rights Act.

Article 6 – right to a fair hearing. The right to a fair trial is fundamental to the rule of law and to democracy itself.

Article 7 – No punishment without law Article 7 provides that:

  • No-one can be found guilty of a crime that was not a crime under the law at the time it was committed – the prohibition on retrospective criminalisation; and
  • Anyone found guilty of a criminal offence cannot have a heavier penalty imposed on him or her than that which was applicable at the time the offence was committed.

Article 8 – Right to a private and family life. Everyone has the right to respect for his of her private and family life, home and correspondence.

From the moment the child is identified as adoptable, the social services move in for the kill. Vulnerable and frightened parents are like lambs to the slaughter, and once the social services have got their teeth in, they are not prepared to let go, even when they know they have got it wrong.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to achieving the final goal of having a child taken for adoption, the lengths they will go to will leave you astounded, shocked and in a state of disbelief. They use parent’s lack of knowledge and access to information and legal help to push for adoption, the biggest weapon is the use of fear.

It is all done in the name of ‘child protection’, and whilst it is agreed children need protecting from any form of harm and/or abuse, what is happening is not identifying children who need protecting, it is about identifying children who can be easily adopted.

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18 thoughts on “Child Care Proceedings Exposed

  1. They tool all 5 of mine oldest 15,13,10,7 and 6 …I brought them up by my self all these years now apparently i can’t look after there welfare because 1 child missed 2 dental app…the guardian met me once in my solicitors office and told me not to bother tuning up for court because she.wasn’t giving my children back …as for my solicitor she didn’t bother turning up for court.

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  2. It happend to be I lost my two baby girls to those evil trolls they said they are easily adoptable but I fought them for almost 3 years I refused to let them be adopted but unfortunately I lost the fight and I found out after they were adopted I could have appeals my solicitor lied to me told me I couldn’t appeal I also found out legal aid work for soical services and they get business if they don’t help the parents to much but the time I found that out it was to late. My babies were stolen from me I haven’t seen them for 6 years I miss them so very much I want then home with me were they belong. DON’T TRUST LEGAL AID AS THEY WORK FOR SOICAL SERVICES

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  3. My Daughters Social worker is taking My Daughter to Court over not protecting her Boys from an Ex, They are also telling me that I as a Grand Mother Can’t care for them as I have History with SS, But I have not in the last 7 Years, before that I won My Daughter , Grandson back through the Courts, Its just an excuse and I will prove to them that I am more than capable of caring for my Grand children as is My Daughter,

    The Social worker is saying almost anything, Truth is they have really nothing to go on!!, The Story’s that I am seeing on the Internet, Children are being taken because Parents (although doing a great job) are being taken into Care, GrandParent’s are spending thousands of pounds on Solicitors and still Children are being adopted, Surely this is all wrong, Why do SS always use Baby P as an excuse, They had loads of opportunity’s to save that Boy from the amount of Injury’s he Sustained, but half the Children being taken into Care or being adopted, are coming from good capable Family’s, Or do they need these unharmed Children to go into adopted Family’s, em m, Makes me wonder!!, any how for the record My Grandchildren have never been harmed in any way Emotionally or Physically, always been well fed, dressed and clean, I don’t Drink or take no Drugs, My Daughter has always been a Calm Quiet Girl nicely spoken and had a normal upbringing, Now SS are trying to say she had an abusive up bringing, and that My Daughter may have learning problems, or Mental Problems, trying to say she’s depressed when she’s not, but this treatment from SS are beginning to Scare me and my Daughter into taking our Beautiful Family away from us and thats beginning to worry the life out of us, seems they won’t stop at nothing, So if anyone knows what we can do, by the way I have no conviction’s and nor does my Daughter!!! Are We just going to sit by and watch our Children get taken into care with out any good reason!!!!!


  4. Really shocking video. I was not aware of this until recently when somebody shared the video of the lady in the EU bringing this to their attention. I decided to share both. The other thing that shocked me at the end of this is that you are selling this video? Its available in all major retailers… Why not distribute it for free to ensure it gets more viewing…? It seems everyone is after the paper 😦


    1. Not many people are aware. There is an agenda to take healthy children from loving parents for the private adoption and fostering companies which make huge profits. You also have family law which has judges, QC’s, Barristers, and solicitors all on a pay day. You have the social care and Cafcass employees who are doing the dirty work to provide the children. You have safeguarding training which has made identifying children a simple task. Because no matter how insignificant it must be reported or you will be in trouble. This is a billion £ industry. Follow the money trail and you’ll find why it is allowed to continue.

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  5. I to know how children are being stolen for a price, then they are drugged and brain washed, my son has been molested and he couldn’t even talk when he came home for the prosecuting attorney covered it up for he a police officer, he isnot to me, I have words that are not nice to say. This abuse has to stop, I feel sorry for women that can’t have kids, but if they can’t adopt them maybe our children will not be stolen, let her get with a man that already has a kid. Or better yet befriend a mother that could use their help godmothers and fathers all over the world. Don’t get me wrong their is children that need adopted but not many, for they are stolen kids in the system.


  6. Hi Barry the exact same thing is happening with me and my grandson. It is just being taken to court now for more reports. I have contacted a solicitor and am waiting but any help will be great


  7. Reblogged this on Forced Adoptions UK and commented:
    Please, do sign this Petition, to stop the UK enforcing these Draconian circumstances upon decent, law-abiding and caring families all across the continent, and to ensure that the UK government and Judiciary are fully taken to task on an international stage.

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  8. cafcass /ofsted/camphs/walsall safeguarding/social services and the rest of them are child steeling arse holes and rose collinson is as corrupt as the rest of them

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  9. We are
    Going through a interim care order at court as our granddaughter is in foster care my husband and i are party to the court proceedings but we are trying to Appeal against A horrific negative viability report to become carer’s for grandchild but its very hard and costly. Trying to find out what’s going on behind scenes hard and stressful the social workers have lied and told many untruths so they can get her into foster care or even adopted.


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