Social Workers

The SS are now going after healthy children, from healthy parents for the sole purpose of adoption. They are no longer targeting children from problem families, after all, who wants a child from a drug addicted, alcoholic mother and father. If you are dealing with social workers, remember this, they are public servants and are there to serve us. They have no power or authority unless you give it to them. Ask them if you have granted them authority and permission to be in your affairs, If you have, you can remove it at any time.

When dealing with social services and social workers, make sure you have everything in writing, do not rely on verbal agreements, THEY WILL LIE, and say that they did not agree to to what you are claiming. Where ever possible, record all conversations. If you have a smart phone, most of them have the ability to record. Take a witness and ask them to write down key points.

The first thing they will do is attempt to seperate you and a partner, telling you to leave them if you want to keep your child. This is so they can pit you against each other, they divide and conquer. If the SS are claiming there is significant harm, they will get you to blame each other, they will then say, one of you did it and the other failed to protect. IF YOU HAVE NOT HARMED YOUR CHILD, DO NOT ADMIT TO DOING OR KNOWING ANYTHING. 

SS will tell you that if you admit it, they will work with you, they won’t,  you have now given them the evidence they need to remove your child. When questioned give just 3 answers, yes, no, don’t know. DO NOT TRY TO FIND A REASON, TIME, PLACE OR EVENT THAT MIGHT EXPLAIN HOW YOUR CHILD WAS INJURED.  The more you try to explain and give reasons as to why your child might have an injury, the more you give the SS to twist and use against you. If none of you did it and neither of you know what happened, then case closed. 


7 thoughts on “Social Workers

  1. Northumberland Social Services Blyth Team, All Social Workers in this area. Are disgraceful. What these social workers do, Supposed to be highly professional in their job description. What a joke. These Social Workers get away with murder. This is very very wrong. These people need exposed and put to shame.


  2. Well I can prove this has been going on for at least 25 years glad to see people are finely catching on. Be warned once you start to expose this stuff you will be targeted by those who want to leave things the way they are. There is a lot of money involved in this and they don’t want you messing with it. I myself have been jailed forced out of my home that was paid for. I have had my life threatened more then once and my car has been vandalized twice I had the windows replaced but the other 2 bullet holes are still in the car. Now are you asking yourself watch insane country do I live in that allows this stuff? Well none other then Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the good old U.S.A. On a personal note I am glad to see someone else join the ranks of those who are willing to expose this stuff. Feel free to check out my albums on my facebook page and this is only the last few years there is so much more that has not been digitized but all copies are in a safe place.


    1. We know all about the money in the UK. Companies like Core Assets and their sister company Carter Brown who provide the so-called experts in court proceedings. Then there is the legals, solicitors, barristers and QC’s who make hundreds of thousands of pounds from legal aid, all paid for by the tax payer. The social worker and CAFCASS guardians are just pawns in the process, used to do the dirty work and take the children and construct the false allegations so that courts can transfer the children to complete strangers.


  3. To think I called social services for help when I was
    concerned on my children’s welfare while
    I worked long hours, social workers put in
    in their head, if I was worried I should of
    given up work to look after them myself.
    The DWP always insist on 1 parent working,
    I was the sole wage earner, so how does this
    work?? My ex and social workers lied prior
    to the hearing, I was crucified and lied to
    and social workers and my solicitor played
    on my depression by giving up and placing
    my children in foster care. I see my children
    6 hours a year and I cry daily as I can’t understand
    what I did wrong in calling for help.


  4. Strange you posting the above because I just posted the below on the Panorama site:

    It’s so strange – I’ve just watched several YouTube clips – On Dispatches, firstly David Cameron has announced, in Sept 2013, that they have spent £9 billion pounds on 120,000 families. And secondly, it shows really poor families with unhappy children that ss are helping them (two families); where has 120,000 families come from. So, why are the happy children adopted?

    Another clip shows, mothers and fathers with photos of their happy children adopted?? Doesn’t make sense


  5. Social workers only want healthy children, they will not take problem children,they want children that they dont have to spend money looking after,the more children they steal the more money they make, the longer they keep your children the more bonuses they get.the interest of the child or children does not come into it. its child stealing for profit,thats all these people care about.
    they will spread lies about you,print lies in the papers,all to keep you away from your children. if you say the above in a meeting the result is the social worker will ban you from the meeting and any further meetings.i know this is true but it has happened to me.


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