Secret Family Courts

The family court are civil courts and are held behind closed doors. The justification for this, is to protect the names of the children involved. Protect the names of the children by all means and protect children, but when there is no reporting allowed and parents gagged and threatened if they speak out falls outside of the realms of confidentiality and protecting the children.

What are the courts so afraid of? They are afraid that the whole scam would be exposed and cases that have come before them would never have stood up in a court of law. In a court of law, you are tried before a judge and jury of your peers and only convicted by a majority and beyond reasonable doubt.

In a family court, they work on the basis of probability, which only needs to be 51% that you probably did it. The odds are stacked against you as soon as you step into a family court. If you have a solicitor from the social services panel, they will wrongly advise you to, ‘go along with the SS, don’t rock the boat’. What piss poor advice this is.

This article really does sum it up; Read more


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