The one thing that those who operate in secret and behind closed doors fear, is exposure. You continue to operate in secrecy so that you cannot come under scrutiny, you don’t want to be scrutinised because you know that what you are doing is wrong. If you are conducting yourself in an open and honest way, then you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear.

The judges, social workers, guardians, solicitors and barristers in the family courts who collude together to remove children from loving parents are the ones who have everything to hide and fear. If any or all of them came under scrutiny from outside, their practise would be called into question and they would be asked to account for their actions and themselves.

Most cases put before a family court, would never hold up in a court of law. Those professionals who are their to advocate for the parents are in collusion with the social services. They fail in their duty of care when they advise the parents, to ‘just go along with them’. They employ barristers who turn up on the day of a hearing and don’t even know the details of a case, having not taken the time to read the file. They also poorly advise parents, so that they proceedings can be concluded as quickly as possible.

While they are allowed to continue in secret they can remain unaccountable to anyone and continue the awful practise of removing children. Morally they need to question what they are doing, one might guess that some of these people have children of their own. To be able to continue doing what you are doing, you will void of any conscience or empathy.


One thought on “Exposure

  1. I have been reading through all the posts on this site trying to gather information to make sense of my case. YES, MY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN SOLD as otherwise my case does not make sense. ALL within the LAW, my case represented by a QC and I kept losing and losing. I sold my house to fund this case. I REMEMBER Judge asking SW “Are they good-looking?” and reply was “Yes, they are very nice boys” – And then came the Judgment 200% against me which was pounded upon me for acceptance. I kept taking this case to the court of appeal and lost – but, there was no reason to lose!

    My children are SOLD for money and NOW I WANT THEM BACK.

    I don’t need any further proof, losing a case without any grounds, this is sick world!

    If SW had strong cases for adoption then WHY do they NEED to make up lies?


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