Take Action

If you are involved in the family courts, write to the director of social services and inform them of your knowledge of how they have a well orchestrated strategy that allows them to remove healthy children from healthy parents for adoption.

Write to the Director of public prosecution expressing your concerns about how family courts are secret and not open to scrutiny from the outside.

Write to the CEO of the NHS Trust and let him know that the diagnosing of non accidental injury is floored and that there is no clinical way of identifying that fractures are caused by deliberate harm, when there is no explanation. Ask him, why would parents attend hospitals seeking medical atention if they had deliberately harmed their child?


3 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. Excellent ideas! Hadn’t thought of these possible ‘targets’!

    Could you maybe help by publishing postal and email addresses?

    Also, could you add a FOLLOW button by dragging the ‘widget’ over so that I can get an email when you add a new post?

    Thank You!


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