Independent Social Workers

When you are subject to child care proceedings, at some point you will probably have an assessment or your family members will. Your local will SS will probably employ the services of an independent social worker to carry out the assessement. That social worker will not be independent and will have the same bias towards you as any other trained social worker given the task of undertaking an assessment.

What you need to remind yourself of is they all took the same training and must all have the same updates to their practise. They will have access to your file prior to their visit and would have been given the heads up by the local ss and social worker involved. They are biased from the start of the process and have lost all impartiality the moment they have spoken to the social worker involved and read the files.

If a judge orders that all family members are to be assessed, then the ss will just go through the motions to fulfill their obligations. They are not there to see of you can truly be considered as a suitable alternative, they are there to if how they can rule you out.

You will be interigated, you will be asked specific questions, you will be asked loaded questions, in which the social worker wants to see how you react. The answers you give will be twisted and distorted by the social worker, the final report will completely inaccurate and not reflect you or you position.

You should record the assessment, so that you can refer back to it when you need to make a reply.


2 thoughts on “Independent Social Workers

  1. I looked after my grandson for 10 years , social services took him away this year after a family dispute , twisted everything we said , I’m trying so hard to get him back home , social services are not taking his views and wishes in to account , now going to move him away from us to wipe us from his life, heartless people


  2. i have a comment why is it that you fail families that ask for help and you walk in and walk out when its hard for families and when things are good for families you walk in and walk out//and why are there so many poor little souls who have lost there lives through your neglegance and why do foster parents abuse the children in your care////i now why its to cover your backs because of what you have done to famillies and children


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