The Tactics

It is becoming apparent from speaking to people, that the same tactics are being used across the country. If this is the case then this a written policy, sanctioned in the highest office and delivered to social workers as training.

  • Accuse parents of harm or risk of future harm.
  • Use the same experts and outdated medical evidence time and time again.
  • Advise the parents that they should seperate.
  • Turn the parents against each other, get them to accuse each other.
  • Divide the family.
  • Alienate family members by creating conflict and division between them.
  • Make grandparents out to be unreliable.
  • Break the bond between child, parents and extended family.
  • Give supervised contact for a minimal amount of time.
  • Break the spirit, will and determination of parents.
  • Traumatise parents and children through removal and lack of contact.
  • Accuse parents of being unsuitable carers due to past or present illness.
  • Deny parents the right to a fair trail.
  • Fabricate and falsify evidence.
  • Suggest parents are a bigger risk if they won’t accept judges findings
  • Refuse parents access to independent experts.
  • Omit vital evidence in court to prevent judge from seeing it.
  • Take the stand and commit perjury in court
  • If you have experienced this please share you story.

7 thoughts on “The Tactics

  1. Since this article was posted there have been many new revelations. Perhaps there is new material that can be added. It is time the BBC or other media outlet produced a full-feature no-holds-barred documentary.


  2. I’m relieved in a sense that it’s not me going mad. We’ve had all these done to us,it sounds like a horror story when this in fact real life.
    You couldn’t make it up if we tried, it’s only sick and twisted and delusional people can. There are allegations you can’t prove never happened,and does not exist. The false documents being allowed to be submitted and you don’t stand a chance. Grandparents rights, well I remember my mum said it to my brother before passing. I thought grandparents actually had rights but they don’t.
    They say in the best interest of the child,
    In no part of the children’s act or amendment to the legislation/policy do it say family. Appointed person to the child but nothing what so ever about family.
    We’ve been fighting nearly 12 months as wasnt partied in at all but supported dad,as we were never allowed but allergations were made in reports. But 22 weeks out of the 26 week time frame. The system is rigged and our children/grandchildren are paying the price.


    1. These are tactics used across the country. They must get taught how to break down families will so that they give up. The best to do, is it know the law and quote the law. You have the ability to counter every argument with the actual law. Judges like it when you know the law.


    1. Maureen, I’ve recently joined this website and have just read your comment. I have been thinking of the same and have posted creating a protest group on the “Panorama” forum. Would you kindly be able to give any pointers?

      and “Childcare Proc. Exp” how do I get in touch with yourself?


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