The Tactics

It is becoming apparent from speaking to people, that the same tactics are being used across the country. If this is the case then this a written policy, sanctioned in the highest office and delivered to social workers as training.

  • Accuse parents of harm or risk of future harm.
  • Use the same experts and outdated medical evidence time and time again.
  • Advise the parents that they should seperate.
  • Turn the parents against each other, get them to accuse each other.
  • Divide the family.
  • Alienate family members by creating conflict and division between them.
  • Make grandparents out to be unreliable.
  • Break the bond between child, parents and extended family.
  • Give supervised contact for a minimal amount of time.
  • Break the spirit, will and determination of parents.
  • Traumatise parents and children through removal and lack of contact.
  • Accuse parents of being unsuitable carers due to past or present illness.
  • Deny parents the right to a fair trail.
  • Fabricate and falsify evidence.
  • Suggest parents are a bigger risk if they won’t accept judges findings
  • Refuse parents access to independent experts.
  • Omit vital evidence in court to prevent judge from seeing it.
  • Take the stand and commit perjury in court
  • If you have experienced this please share you story.

4 thoughts on “The Tactics

    1. Maureen, I’ve recently joined this website and have just read your comment. I have been thinking of the same and have posted creating a protest group on the “Panorama” forum. Would you kindly be able to give any pointers?

      and “Childcare Proc. Exp” how do I get in touch with yourself?


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