Letter to MP and MEP’s

Open letter to MP and Member of the European Parliament.

It has recently come to our attention, that healthy babies are being removed from loving parents on very flimsy evidence and at best conjecture. These children are then fast tracked through the secret family courts for adoption aided and abetted by social workers, guardians, expert witnesses, solicitors and barristers.

If criminal charges are not pursued by police due to lack of evidence, how can social services claim significant harm has taken place?

Most of the cases where social services alleged a child has suffered significant harm are never pursued by the police, because there is not enough evidence to charge and obtain a successful prosecution.

Why would parents take children to A & E departments and GP surgeries if they had injured their child?

Loving and concerned parents unwittingly take their children to an A & E department and/or GP only to find themselves accused on non accidental injury and subject to care orders and court proceedings.

Why don’t paediatricians make every effort to rule out non accidental injury?

Paediatricians do not make any attempt to rule out non accidental injury. They do not carry out a detailed assessment of the mother and child’s birth or physical history to establish an underlying medical condition. Instead they simply rule in non accidental injury as the only explanation.

Why don’t medical experts ask to see the child in person?

Medical experts who are hired to give their opinion never meet with the children who they are supposed to be giving an opinion on. How can they give a medical opinion when they have never met with the child, the parents, and have no first hand information?

Where is the medical research?

Paediatricians and so called medical experts say injuries sustained are as a result of handling outside the norm of acceptable parenting. Where is the medical research and clinical evidence that can categorically say that a child was injured due to rough handling?

Where is the evidenced based practise?

The NHS quotes that it uses, ‘the best evidence available’. What is the best available evidence used to diagnose non accidental injury or risk of future harm? Is the evidence used to diagnose non accidental current and up to date? What research base are doctors using to inform themselves and their opinions? Are doctors up to date with current research?

How then can parents be put before a family court accused of significant harm?

If a parent is accused of significant harm, then surely they should be charged and put before of court of law and a jury of their peers, where reasonable doubt is the benchmark? Cases in family courts would not stand up in a court of law due to lack of evidence. Any burglar facing a prison sentence of 6 months or more can demand a hearing before a jury, how can it be right or just that parents who risk losing their children for life are denied this option?

Why are parents denied the opportunity to submit independent expert evidence?

What is more concerning is when parents make attempts to try and clear their name, they are deemed to be a bigger risk because they do not accept the courts findings. Why would any innocent parent accept a courts findings if they have not caused any harm to their child? If you attempt to instruct independent medical experts for a 2nd opinion or seek an independent X-ray, you are accused of child abuse. There could be no more case of abuse than parting a child from a loving parent.

Why are parent who have been accused of harm denied the right to be trialled by judge and jury?

In family courts, they work on the basis of probability and only 51% that a parent hurt their child. The evidence against them is always biased and in favour of the admitting hospital and medical experts hired. Expert witnesses always confirm the hospitals findings. Hospitals never make any attempt to disprove non accidental injury and rule it out, instead they simply rule it in as the only probable cause.

Where is the Article 6 Right To A Fair Trial?

Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights is a provision of the European Convention which protects the right to a fair trial. Parents put through family courts do not receive a fair trial. The odds are stacked against them from the moment they enter the court. They are denied access to independent medical experts, social workers and risk assessments, which could all prove that they suitable parents.

Where is the equality before the law?

Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.” It seems that family courts are no longer working to uphold equality before the law, and are simply ignoring this point.

Why are social services not making all efforts to keep families together?

Social services are meant to make every attempt to keep a baby with the parent or at worst within the family. This does not seem to be happening. Social services go to great lengths of making a case to have the child removed and placed outside of the family. How can this be in the interest of any child?

How can removing a child from loving parents and given to strangers be in the best interest of a child?

Children are routinely removed from their loving parents and limited to minimal contact in order to break the bond between parent and child. This leaves both parent and child traumatised and in a state of shock and paralysis which renders them hopeless and helpless. Parents and children end up in a worse state than before proceedings started.

Human rights act Article 3: Prohibition on Torture No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The whole process of care proceedings and treatment by all invloved is torturous and inhumane. Parents are subjected to degrading treatment from all parties invloved and worst than criminals. Those charged with a criminal offence have more opportunity to fully present their case and receive a fair hearing.

Why are parents gagged from speaking out in public?

Parents are put through a torturous time during the proceedings and suffer great distress and trauma. The affects are far reaching. Parents are warned not to go public or their child will be adopted, worst still they will be gagged or imprisoned. If you want to be able to clear you name, why wouldn’t you go public?

Where is the right to respect for private and family life?

Article 8: Right to Respect for Private and Family Life
1. Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

2. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. This should be the guiding principle in all cases.

Why are family courts in the UK allowed to hold hearings in secret?

Family courts are held in secret, with no reporting allowed. How can fairness be assured when they are not transparent and open to scrutiny from the outside? Family courts should be open and subject to rigorous scrutiny to ensure that parents accused receive the opportunity to exonerate themselves.


11 thoughts on “Letter to MP and MEP’s

  1. Devon County Council social services,united Kingdom took are beloved nephew away even though there was no reason to take him away they already had him on the forced adoption list months before without even notifieying us they asked him where he wanted to stay and he said i want to stay at nannas which they breached the childs human rights,we was continually abused and harassed and defamed for the past 6 months by devon county council social services and the final case was already sewn up a week before the final hearing numerous breaches of human rights not only for us but my nephew aswell,they treated us like criminals by spying on us,making false statements and putting obstacles in the way and humiliating us at every opportunity it felt like torture everyday while they were around,they was also racist against are Jewish origin,and refused to acknowledge it on his birth record and they never listened to what he wanted so they never took notice of the best interests of the child whatsoever when he said he wanted to stay at his nannas,and they never gave us any chance,or help us in anyway until the court case was on they continually lied to us in order to make there case stronger we had all got clean records and therefore law binding,he also had suspected autism they would not let us get him diagnosed.and ruined Christmas for us by saying they was taking him away,they used unscrupulous witnesses that one had a court order against her,the other was known to the police for making malicious phone calls and behaviour and the other one had a grudge because she was a ex and is vulnerable and also the statements was falsified with lies and deception and they was not completed so how come there surpose to be child protection but there not because there the abusers he was happy until they kidnapped him with lies plus he is now unhappy keeps asking for us he’s under weight the social worker made up false evidence reports and witness that had a vendetta against him we are unhappy with ur family courts it states right to a fair trial that was not a fair trial whatsoever the result was done a week before behind closed doors plus there evidence against that people was utter shambles they had no prove to back that rubbish up whatsoever so how can u say a person is a perpetrator and that they have nothing to back it up they didnt like it because we was telling the truth and they breached the law on all counts breached childs rights,right to a private life with he did not get they breached his wishes they harrassed the family cafcass tried bullying the disable brother Telling him to move out when hes happy where he is theyve got no rights whatsoever and the social worker with another social bullied the disable brother as well trying to get the disable brother to bully the nephew until they was over heard by a brother its states on devon county’s and cafcass website they follow protocol calls of human rights nothey don’t follow the codes of practice they breach them all the time they don’t no the human rights acts whatsoever.cafcass telled lies as well because it was written in there statements the child was asked what
    He want and he said say at nannas so that is breach of childs rights and they also believed the social workers lies falsified when we no who was a perpetrator it was the childs mum they said it was never reported they hid the paper work they lied we now have the paper work they hid it now proves they committed perjury the social service even got the nursery he was going to on there sidel by the lies they holded the 3 nrly 4 yr old for 5 hours when it is illegal to do so that is a form of kidnapp there complaints department is utter shambles they allow the culprit to investigate themselves which is a criminal offence they also withheld evidence reports saying no crime was reported which is a criminal offence we now have the paper work they withheld from the court from another case of there crime we also had criminal acts done by someone there end making lies up to the police which is a act of terror they hid records so how can they say the health care and all the are brilliant they is absolute corruptions they let the people who does the abusing keep there children the innocent people get set up with false reports based on hear as say evidence and can you tell me how he got two black eyes under the care of devon county council social services which was not even taken to hospital because they have got something to hide which is child abuse


    1. The hole system is corrupt to the bloody core all paid what to write and say in reports judges are scared of social workers they get paid thousands to back these scrum up and rip all families apart change the law and bring our kids back and put social workers behind bars with social workers guardians children’s solicitors I have been fighting tooth and nail for three solid years no joy through all this corruption


  2. How can i win my granddaughters back.
    Been fighting this sordid corrupt case for three years
    Was found guilty
    On probabilities in family court
    Won on criminal side
    Paying another barrister to fight my case no joy there either
    Stating look for more conract with a child in need
    Been to court of appeal
    Where lord justice kitchin
    Stated to go back to family
    Court and get this judgement
    Over turned
    Why could he not do it.
    Plus both my granddaughters have been abused in two fosterplacements
    Please can you help me


  3. all our children should be returned to their loving families . they are snatched away for no good reason. . all children deserve to be loved and brought up by their own families.. i know there are children who do need help desperately but they are being ignored and left to be hurt or murdered .. we are good , honest families who have done nothing to deserve this heartbreak . please give us back our kids . stop this forced adoption ,stop selling our children . we want them home where they belong .


  4. How can social workers get away with perverting the cause of justice I have video evidence of child abuse a social worker new I had this video but kept it from the police so no action was taken the reason she kept quiet about it was because another social worker was named on the video I reported it to ss complaints officer and he informed me I couldn’t make a complaint as I was the grandmother no one would view the evidence not even the police so I put in a complaint to the police and they are just ignoring me so were do I go from here please


  5. Children are Core Assetts to local authorities backed by the goverent. I read a cisturbing article that to take children from the poor would decrese crime and therefore forced adoption is acceptable. It is not . Targets to hace children forceably adopted more quickly is advocated by the goverment. All local authorities experts are in the pay of the local authority and will comply with whatever nonsense they manafacture to steal children from loving parents. This is happening all over the so called civilised world .. Many parents groups are uniting to stop this child trafficking for profit. The damage to the children will be irrepairable and long term.The general public are unaware of what is going on in their name.


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