Remove The Financial Insentive.

If there were no money involved in fostering and adoption then the scandal of forced adoption would simply end overnight. Whilst there is a profit to be made from adoption and fostering, governments, and politicians will continue to turn a blind eye and ignore this.

We live in corporation nation, where corporations now hold the reins of power. Everywhere you look corporations are taking over, governments are just a front for the corporate world. What it always comes down to is money and profit, take away the money and profit and no one would be in the slightest interested.


2 thoughts on “Remove The Financial Insentive.

    1. Yes Sabine, it is policy. Also policy is the various tactics employed by social services and the social workers. All across the country, parents are telling the same story of how they are being treated. So it seems that someone, somewhere has come up with the tactics, and it is delivered as training to social workers. So who writes the policy, who sanctions it?


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