Statement of Truth



To whom it may concern,

I do not have a criminal record.

I have never caused deliberate harm to my children and will never do so.

I do not have a mental illness.

I do not have any serious debilitating health issues.

I do not have a smoking addiction.

I do not have a drink problem.

I do not engage in any type of drug abuse.

I have never and will never aggravate, fabricate or use in a vexatious manner, information I give out about my situation or that of my family or others.

I have always put my children before myself and will continue to do so.

I have followed and continue to follow medical advice in order to support and maintain and always improve my child’s health and I take full responsibility for them.

 We are a very close knit family who do our best to support each other; we have many supportive friends.

 My family and I have been put under considerable duress with threats of separation of late; we continue to support each other regardless of this.

I strongly believe that taking my child from her home and family will adversely affect her emotionally.

 I wish to remind all persons with an interest in myself and my family that I strongly and categorically deny any wrongdoing. Anything that has been said or actioned by me has been done in the spirit of promoting and ensuring the health, safety and well being of my child, my family and others.

I, ……………………………of: .address………………………….do solemnly declare that the information I have provided above is true to my knowledge, that it is of the same force and effect as if it was made under oath and that it is freely given.

Signed:                                                       Dated:

 Write this out for yourself and only put the absolute truth, change anything which does not apply to you, e.g. child/children etc. put anything in which does apply but try to keep it to one page. You can put another page with the truth of things which have been said which are wrong and by whom. Put them together, if you want to.

 Make sure that a copy goes into the court before the case begins (to the judge) and give a copy to your main social worker and any other person directly involved so you will have to write out several copies.

(This is the basic template of Statement of Truth which we should all design and print to our own specifications. Amend as necessary.

Keep one copy and give a copy to trusted friends – all of us should do this.

This should be presented in court to the clerk before the case proceeds, when your evidence is refused, or given to assigned Social workers and associates.

Put anything necessary in it as long as it is your absolute truth.

An additional timeline of events which led up to your making the statement may be attached as needed.)


4 thoughts on “Statement of Truth

  1. fact finding means the truths and facts from both sides but no it always social services ay it they need the biggest kick up there backs sides ever because i will not leave my children in silence i cant


  2. statement of truth well i will tell you all something for 6 months i was begging for my evidence to go into court and did it no and the bitch of a social worker uzma kauser lied on oath in court and they still got my babies know my babies are suffering in silence and they need help /i have all my evidence on my case that proves justice to my family and it proves my children should not be in care ]and i have all the evidence on there neglect ..but does any one care no because they have therenoses stuck up there own assess that they ay bothered about our children


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