Solicitors To Avoid.

Please add to the list of solicitors to avoid. If we can compile an extensive list, we can help others avoid being failed in courts. Use the comments box and they will be automatically added.


9 thoughts on “Solicitors To Avoid.

  1. Keep away from Morton’s solicitors sunderland Christine Anderson
    She will totally stitched you up and with hold evidence back if you ever go through fact finding.
    All so Richard Reid company
    Charles Hughes Susan McCabe from Peter Dunn and co
    This solicitors are corrupt to the core.
    Barristers John republican jester Armstrong
    Margaret sweetening
    Sue boothroyd
    Keep away from judge rachel hudson
    Bent twisted evil person
    No heart.
    Guardian Julia Lloyd Parkinson
    Social workers karen shaw
    Debbie barrows Martin pearson
    Carol Dunbar
    Barbara Adams
    Allison Roddick
    Child snatches monsters
    Evil nest of corrupt vile people
    Hope they have a bitter


      1. Brendan Flemming himself might be good but some of the underlings it is passed to are terrible. My husband had two from their and they tried to stick him up totally. Speak to the man himself.


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