Laila Brice who says DON’T ADOPT MY DAUGHTER.

Among the remarkable foreigners is Latvian Laila Brice who says DON’T ADOPT MY DAUGHTER. Thanks to her Latvian MEP, her petition to the EU Parliament is tabled for 19 March 2014. Katya & Mummy. April 2012

She writes:


  1. Clara Masenda (Social Worker),
  2. Nicole Miller (Assessment Team Manager),
  3. Jane Mukiri (Social Worker),
  4. Sarah Turner (LAC Team manager),
  5. Sammy Forbes (LAC Team Manager),
  6. Joan Williams-Paine (LAC Team manager),
  7. Nick Rumball (LAC Team manager),
  8. June Lewis ( Guardian CAFCASS),
  10. Daphne Matthews (Merton Court Team Assessment SW) ,
  11. Jane Farrer (Post Adoption support SW),
  12. Andrea Watkins (Merton Adoption Agency SW),
  13. Eva Lendcey (Merton Adoption Agency Manager) ,
  14. Derek Blincow (Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist appointed by CAFCASS),
  15. Nicolas Silva (The Medical Adviser for Merton Permanency & Adoption Panel).

You must be aware you won’t be able to get away from what you deserve. I will get justice and get my stolen Daughter back. I swear I will.

Mayja's T shirtYou have mistaken me with some obedient sheep. I am not. You stole my child, a Latvian citizen Catherine Brice aka Katya (DOB 30/04/08), using so called Section 20 which is not valid. You kept my child in care against my wish for a year (the document is invalid itself as it was signed under duress, it contains wrong names, surnames, Child’s DOB, and was signed without interpreter & legal advice as part of “consent for medical treatment”).

Clara Masenda, you have done that, and you won’t get away from that. Merton, you used to ignore all my notices (written, verbal, emails) of returning my child to my care. You used such technique as defamation of character. You discriminated against me as a single mother with insignificant financial challenges. You tried to control my life: financial, health, social, intimate and so on.

You ridiculed my human values & my culture, my right to raise my child in my values and culture. More over, you victimized my oldest daughter, a brilliant, bright, clever, healthy, well balanced young women, raised by myself, and tried to set her against her mother.

My daughter is about to get graduated as a Psychologist. You started poisoning, traumatizing my Katya years ago. You used to state she had no mother, she had no sister, as you have decided as it’s in her best interest to get a new family. My child was abused physically & emotionally in care (car incident on 23/03/11, head injury on 17/06/11), and then put her to an Adoption Panel on 12th March 2012 without my consent or any court order.

My child, a Russian speaking girl, baptised in a Russian Christian Orthodox Church in London, was accommodated with a Muslim Pakistan foster family who would only speak English, therefore my Katya got speech delay, among other post traumatic outcome of the forcibly early deprivation from her Mother and Sister.

June Lewis, you provided the family court with two fake reports, stating that my Child was a subject of an Interim Court Order (my Katya has never been the subject of any court order).

Merton, you did not even care to inform the Latvian Authorities you stole this Latvian citizen, you made up stuff about our family, you victimized me as a single helpless working immigrant mother, you provided courts with fake reports, you used to perjure in courts.

You placed my Child with a “new Mummy & Daddy” on 20/05/13, despite my being in ongoing legal proceedings with the ECHR.

Merton, you must be aware you have breached a catalogue of Rules, Laws. You have violated my Daughter’s fundamental Human Rights, and I have been fighting for justice, even my & my oldest Daughter’s Petition were submitted with the European Committee on Petitions.

You must be aware I am going to re-open my child’s case in the European Court of Human Rights, as well as ask for re-opening with the Supreme Court. You must be aware, there is justice, you must be aware, Katya’s mother / sister never stopped fighting for our beloved girl Katya.

You will get what you deserve. I told you – instead of intimidating me & bullying me with your pathetic injunction orders you better inform adopters that this child has never been relinquished, and you have to return my daughter to her family.

Get prepared for the international scandal with support of the media and Human Right’s institutions. That’s all.

P.S. A copy of this statement has been sent to: Latvian MEP, John Hemming MP, British & Latvian & international media, International Human Rights Institutions. I am in touch with all of those institutions. Any attempt of persecution will be considered as a gross violation of my Child’s / my own Human Rights. I am a Professional Journalist, I keep writing a book about my stolen child story. Every single participant of this criminal story will be exposed in my book. With facts, photos, links, paper works. Cheers.

Prospective adopters, you are free to contact me on: 075 3383 2154
Laila Brice

My personal protest pickets (2013) in the matter of my Child Catherine Brice (DOB 30/04/08)

1. The Civic Centre of Merton. June 2013. My personal protest against the LA of London Borough of Merton that took my Child, a Latvian citizen Catherine Brice forcibly, under a fake invalid document called Section 20, kept her in care illegally without letting know the Latvian authorities, then put her into Adoption Panel without my consent / court order. I demand to return my stolen child immediately (see attachment).

2. The Embassy of the RepubLic of Latvia in London. “Save my Daughter from forced adoption!” 17/07/08 (see attachment).

3. 19/07/13. London. 10 Downing Street. The Demo “Stop forced adoption in the UK!” (see attachment)

4. 29/08/13. CAFCASS. My personal protest against the Guardian of Catherine Brice. (See attachment).

5. 14/08/13. Protest / demand to return my stolen child (Jane Farrrer, Post Adoption Support SW. Merton). (see attachment).

5. 04/10/13. The Royal College of Psychiatry. My personal protest against Dr Derek Blincow.


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