SOCIAL WORKERS tore our family apart

Phil Thompson & Family

Social workers toreWhat can Phil do? It’s his story – from long ago – with names changed.

Nobody in Walsall Council takes responsibility. Nobody is accountable.

Nobody controls the social workers.

Nobody controls the family courts.

Criminals get away with their crimes against humanity.

That’s the reality.

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5 thoughts on “SOCIAL WORKERS tore our family apart

  1. I have been reading through all the posts on this site trying to gather information to make sense of my case. YES, MY CHILDREN HAVE BEEN SOLD as otherwise my case does not make sense. ALL within the LAW, my case represented by a QC and I kept losing and losing. I sold my house to fund this case. I REMEMBER Judge asking SW “Are they good-looking?” and reply was “Yes, they are very nice boys” – And then came the Judgment 200% against me which was pounded upon me for acceptance. I kept taking this case to the court of appeal and lost – but, there was no reason to lose!

    My children are SOLD for money and NOW I WANT THEM BACK.

    I don’t need any further proof, losing a case without any grounds, this is sick world!

    If SW had strong cases for adoption then WHY do they NEED to make up lies?


  2. I was told of case where the foster carer said he did it for the money, not the wish to love a child or even care for the child out of pity. THE MONEY was the overriding factor. Can anyone find out what the ENTIRE costs are for a single case when the SS=sick service gets a child into their clutches form start till adoption. More needs to be done by us to tell the general public what the supposed SS=sick service is costing the Taxpayer per ANNUM..


    1. Last I heard it was £400 per week per child.

      My, much loved children by us (the parents) were bruised by foster carers. When this fact came to the court, Judge said we had shortage of foster carers for which reason calling them to the court was denied. Lets not forget the contact centre workers who can hardly write English, no full stops, commas and their reports being “EDITED” by social workers – Clearly proved in the courts, but Judge …. dumb as ever


  3. And they have done the same to us word for word what you state, beyound all laws, Police even seem to support them. Courts sercet have to be so many lies being told against good families. money seelling childen yes its big younger they are more money is made.


    1. All 100 per cent accurate in my case, and more….

      Social workers opened my case with 3 statements from 5 separate reports on us, for this today to have become maybe 20 to 40 lever arch files.

      Judges encourage social workers by knowingly accepting their lies, so SWs can go and do the same to yet another family.

      At one stage I said to my acting solicitor that one of the exams in SW must be on “how to lie”, because it is so natural and flowing stream of black lies…..


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