Dispatches: Undercover Social Worker


Dispatches: Undercover Social Worker



7 thoughts on “Dispatches: Undercover Social Worker

  1. I have a story that still on going today regarding a child protection plan opening for no real reason. Also want to show everyone an email from social services that will shock the country. 😦


  2. Its about showing the public the very rare of the cases, which considering the increase in adoption rate, is non-existent today!

    Adoption is a weird concept, It is to break one family into pieces and taking the pieces to glue onto another family. Senseless ! But, the new jigsaw will only be made of pieces and never a complete family. And this new family has attached to it negative goodwill of lies and deceit, tears of parents, evil acts. This is all a pretence mechanism of self-belief.


    1. I wish you show me just one social worker that does right, most I find are controlled by evil instructions from the top boss, who has his own personal hate for parents, seeing he can’t have children being gay and married to a gay, i fear for children unde him whats his real intentions sex with children or download sex photos


      1. I agree with you uk – and it may only be evil acts themselves. But, how do you know they are gay and married to one (is this true or just a remark); as you are aware my children are with gay at present and I am trying to do something and I don’t know what (which is the main reason for all my posts so that someone out there could tell me where they are? Currently it is a rare concept of this ugly business of now wanting to start a family and children are given to them from healthy families – my case does not make sense to me. Please answer my above question, Regards Mo


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