KARL LENTZ – If You Are In Court

transcribed notes;

here is some examples;

Governments have; duties, responsibilities, obligations, they have not got any rights,

Governments created to protect property & security of man,

Governments created to serve man & not man to serve governments

Man created governments, courts, judges, hence man is superior as the creator of these fictions,

The judiciary has no definition of a man, (check it out- Blacks Law,all of them) they are unable to describe their creator, being man,

Man not bound by paper (as with all fictions of government, courts, judges etc are all 2 dimensional constructs & not superior to 3 dimensional man),

Man has capacity to wish,

Suffer, suffered or suffering actually means you allow>>>>>>you have allowed,

Orders; I will accept your two dimensional order provided that a man signs it, (orders from man to man which are chargeable for servicing),

Man wants nothing from another man, for God provides all a man could want,

Property, that which is exclusive to man,

I wish for my property to be returned,

I require of you the immediate restoration of my property,

I require of you to place your case before the Queens Bench,,,,,,( & who & what has no standing at the QB?)

Follow up note, once we get to the Queens Bench, plaintiff must press the record,

When you have children you have no rights, however when you have property you do have rights,

Judge:Do you want me to call your witness?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,No, i require you to call my witness

Judges do not make orders, the claimant does,

Simplifying the linguistic verbal diarrhea we tend to find folks befuddled by, a simple verbiage is all that is required,

Your actions must back up your words,

do not start shouting freeman stuff this, freeman stuff that, common law claimed, because they will test you & you will no doubt fail, simply state, i require of you,,,,,,, i am a man that i wish ,,,,,, act the part of a man & be treated as one

Also, do not argue about the litigants case, not your concern to disprove their case, they have to prove their case, you should only concern your self with your case, your claim of being falsely claimed upon/

Some words: man, claim, wrong, belief, trespass, require, order, property, charge, discharge, i might also include harm, wish, verify and wrongdoerSource:  Get Out Of Debt Free


7 thoughts on “KARL LENTZ – If You Are In Court

    1. Agreed, but US (a group of us already forming, please join us to help us by just being a “voice”) , whom are absolutely dedicated and determined (keep picking ourselves and at times each other up), US ALL have to be strength and hope for each other

      YOU are trodden upon and I am trodden upon, however.. lets see what we can do

      Please be in touch!



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