Removing Children From Parents – The Social Workers Bible

Removing Children From Parents – The Social Workers Bible: Persecution Strategies used by Social Workers

Below is the Abstract of a study made by academics in Sweden where family courts are not secret and where there is no gagging. But parents whose children were taken will recognise what they are doing:

The purpose of this study is to make a critical examination of six official reports in an LVU (Care of Young Persons Act) investigation, to detect the possible occurrence of persecution strategies in the social welfare service reports and, in that case, to define the strategies used and examine whether the investigation complies with the legitimate claims of objectivity and impartiality.

In the official reports, fifty-six different persecution strategies appear. Definitions of the strategies found are produced, and their application in the case will be shown in passages from the reports. The main patterns seen in the investigators’ actions are: “Power defines reality,” and “influencing and persuading the reader“. Two techniques were found in the material, withholding and fabricating, which co-operate to make an investigation defective. The strategies have been divided into six groups depending on their purpose:

  1. Persuading the reader through language: contains twelve strategies that the investigators use to try to make the reader come to the same conclusion as themselves.
  2. Making the client seem pathological: contains eight strategies that describe the client as peculiar, mentally unstable, aggressive, etc.
  3. Ignoring objectivity aspects: contains seventeen strategies such as, for example, ignoring the client’s perspective, suppressing information, exaggerating information, fabulation, irrelevant statements, etc.
  4. Exercising power and control: contains six strategies that are all connected with the authorities trying to take control of the client’s life.
  5. The authorities know best: comprises five strategies containing blind faith, moralising, self-justification, emphasis on the social authorities’ resources and exceeding the limits of one’s competence.
  6. Feel-think-believe-experience-interpret: contains nine strategies that are influenced by the investigators’ subjective interpretations, arguments, etc.

Read Removing Children From Parents – The Social Workers Bible Click Here To Read The Report In Full


4 thoughts on “Removing Children From Parents – The Social Workers Bible

  1. Well today it isn’t just the social worker that you have to face. The police come with them, even though this is a civil matter and the police will be the first to tell you that they have no jurisdiction in civil matters. Then you get in the court room and the judge refuses to let you plead your case. This is refusing you “Due Process of Law, access to the courts, and infringing on about a half a dozen other rights of your that is supposed to be protected”. Of course then there is the bailiff, good old Baney Fieph. He is not allowed by law to interfere any when you are pleading your case, litigating, or playing for a fair trial. His sole job is to protect the judge at all costs, nothing more. Of course you government isn’t going to help, there is too much money in steeling your children. So your only hope is move into the woods and hide. Or is it? I stood up to the judge, bailiffs (notice bailiffs is plural) the case workers, cops, political figures, and so on for children that isn’t even mine, I don’t have kids. But I won and got them back for their mother. Is it easy hell no, but you can do it is you write down everything, everything, everything. Then you will be able to put the peaces together and figure out a good offense. I cant stress enough to write down everything. The best memory you will ever have is a pen and paper.


  2. I am comforted in the faith, that child traffickers, kidnappers, and abusers of children, and animals,although they suffer not, upon the earth, upon their death, will burn in hell, for all eternity.


  3. I guarantee you are going to get a psychological reaction when each time a child is removed from a natural parent. this is instinct


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