The ‘Best Interests of the Child’ Is Code for Filling the Court’s Coffers

Women for Men

Edward Kruk, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of British Columbia, specializing in child and family policy. In his new book, The Equal Parent Presumption: Social Justice in the Legal Determination of Parenting After Divorce, Kruk argues that “despite the lip service being paid to the paramountcy of the ‘best interests of the child’ principle in divorce proceedings, rarely (if ever) are children themselves allowed the opportunity to voice their views on the matter of their best interests.”

In an article for Psychology Today entitled “Co-Parenting After Divorce,” Kruk explains his book’s premise by highlighting the story of Aimee Nicholls’ forced estrangement from her father. Below is a portion of her statement.

Hi there, my name is Aimee Nicholls. I’m 16 years old, and 11 years ago, my parents divorced. It doesn’t matter why right now, that’s history… It’s certainly not something that I wanted, but…

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