Why Aren’t Past Judgments Allowed To Be Published?

James Munby has said that all judgements in the family courts will no be made public. Why hasn’t Munby allowed past judgements to Landmark ruling: President of the Family Division Sir James Munbybe made public? He has gone some way to putting in safeguards for future cases, what about the cases already heard where children have been removed. Where is the recourse for those parents? If future are now to be published, then what is the rationale behind not allowing past judgements being published. We don’t see the difference. 

Should we be campaigning for past judgements to be made public?




11 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Past Judgments Allowed To Be Published?

  1. I’m working 24/7 on trying to get noticed with “Broken Hearts” money etc on this new charity to be for all victims of social services past and present with real help own solicitors etc even in some case like many sad case I read, getting private investigator to find thier stolen children, this is my mission in life now. Same as “Sunshine and Oranges” where 130.00 children were stolen by social services and sent to AUSTRALIA for life, many children told their parent/s had died, how sad to inflicked that lie on a child.
    “Broken Hearts”, yes I know it needs money now until charity status is gained, even an odd pound will really help with photo copies, phone calls, travel meetings etc every penny will count to building a cause into the countries peoples charity for so many victims of injustice, what ever you can afford it will help greatly to towards the victims of social services and their children, main aim is children home again.
    Of social services organization, real lawful justice is needed now in the courts , there is no catch no scam, we just need the peoples help if you can support these now downtrodden abused families that have had their children stolen, then please help them, .thank you.
    Lloyd bank Wallington Surrey England BX 1LT account name .Help UKs Aged ACCOUNT NUMBER 03497960 sort code 77-30-18 Thank you Alan Brunwin children’s author


  2. I have PROOF that MUNBY is a FAKE. Loves the Limelight. I had written to him pointing out all the CORRUPTION that was used by SOCIAL SERVICES against my Family. Judge MUNBY replied that a Judge McFarlane had investigated the case of my Family and had seen the COURT FILES. LISTEN. (A JUDGE called HELEN HUGHES of Wolverhampton Combined Court states that the COURT FILES DO NOT EXIST). When I REPLIED to Judge MUNBY and pointed out that Judge McFarlane had ONLY seen the report made by a CORRUPT social worker called Garnet Benford Grey. THE OFFICE OF JUDGE MUNBY replied in the following. ANY FUTURE CORRESPONDENCE THAT YOU MAKE ON THIS MATTER WILL NOT BE RESPONDED TO.
    So to anybody who sees this post Google:– Walsall ss-forced adoption
    For more, please Google:– philthompsonfamily.wordpress.com
    Being a DECENT person I am sure that Judge Munby will want to reply to the above post.
    I would also ask anybody who reads my post to confront me.


    1. JUDGE MUNBY in spite of your letter stating PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL I DEFY you. I challenge you to deny that the letter that your Office wrote to me which I have copied in to different places is not true.
      You LOOK fair but FEEL FOUL.


  3. I have not understood what is so important about his order.

    Publishing Judgments? and……

    If we are saying that Judges, Courts and Social Workers are doing wrong, then what is the bright side of having judgments against you published.

    This again is to fill the public opinion with “this is what the parents have done wrong and this is the reason we have taken their children away” – oh, well done Judges and courts and social workers!!!

    I read through his order, he has just covered the works of other Judges to get “Public Confidence” NOT “Parents Confidence”


  4. Yes, totally.

    If past judgments are not published we have to suspect we are being mollified with platitudes and deceived with doctored future judgments. The way to dispel that is to publish past cases.


  5. I had a awful social worker and even worse Family liaison officer, who in fact had to much control for having no qualifications for the job, the power went to her head and they both kept ringing and ringing me through out the time I was just pregnant, they told me that it would be a very bad idea to continue with my pregnancy as it would go against me in court,, they said it would look so much worse fleshing the baby as the judge will think im not giving it my all with my children already here . It tore me apart but they convinced me that the courts would look upon me aborting my baby a responsible thing to do, as it would show my dedication to my children , now what made my skin crawl was that my abortion wasn’t even documented in the report for the judge. I told a senior social worker who was horrified by what I had told her . She said she was so sorry for this, that she couldn’t understand why it wasn’t documented and that never would she want this happening to any other situation . But both still have ther jobs ….none of them helped me until I got a new social worker in August 2012 and when she met me we got on so well she knew my children were lovely and well cared and mannered children that are given all my time . She’s helped me no end . But I still long for the baby it seems I didn’t have to loose at all, I was dedicated to showing. That my children already here mattered so much and that I’d do anything to show that, even though I never had to do that atall … And there’s plenty more corruptment they inflicted upon my self and my kids but that is my strongest arguement against them ..


  6. You still have to fight like me but I mean take it to them fight back many children gone stolen so something will have to be done just got a corrupt social worker the sack he was using children taken into care on his orders to run his own bussiness dealing in children, Police are investigating him as well thats fight back by Alan takes it all out of you but can’t see this evil against children and families go on without a fight back send the stolen children home is what I WANT SO WILL SEE


    1. HelpUkDesk – what fight are you doing? I haven’t read anywhere – I am prepared to join what ever is out there to get children back – but, I individually am trying so hard and I cant think – I believe, the fight I did, I consumed all of the angels of the law, and I lost – law does not work


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