Stolen By Lincolnshire Social Services


15 thoughts on “Stolen By Lincolnshire Social Services

    1. throughout history there have been organisations that have used lies, abuse of peoples rights, corruption and more in order to abuse and control people that they see as second class, none of these organisations lasted once the people became aware of what was going on, eventually SS will fall ( the cracks are starting to show ) helped by their attitude of being untouchable, when this happens they will know how it feels to be alone and helpless as all of the judges and ministers who have gone along with them will desert and try to save their own skins. already other nations are looking at what is going on here with disgust, one euro m.p has said that it may have to call upon the U.N to deal with this mater.


  1. If anyone knows where my children are please contact me, my boys are Lewis Kyle Ethan Freeman (born 4th June 2004) and Ryan Lee Harley Freeman (born 3rd JUuy 2009). They were cruelly separated by lincolnshire county council in May 2013.


  2. They nearly did this to me.Ask or take any help offered and you risk losing your kids.Court is not s last resort but a first resort to them.Beware them saying Don’t worry you won’t go through care proceedings we keep families together.Translated in SS speak means you look like a vulnerable,gullible fool who will trust us.ha ha We will destroy your family as soon as we can write a lot of negative mumbo jumbo and portray you ss the worst parent in the world which they do to everyone.


  3. These precious little boys are My Sons Lewis andRyan Freeman, stolen by Lincolnshire County Council on 27th May 2011, after I asked for “help” with my little mans behaviour, his headbanging, constipation, speech delay and temper tantrums. As a consequence my children were taken into care immediately, and they havent been returned since. It is beleived that he has autism. His behaviour worsened in care with smearing feaces, and tantrums getting longer. Regardless, the SS refuse to have him assessed. My big man has been diagnosed with epilepsy, but regardless of this diagnosis and him being on medication, I was accused of fabricating this illness with him. Consequently after the SS took him off his medication a second time, ripped him away from his little brother, took him away from his school, he had an epileptic fit on his own in the early hours of the morning, and was hospitalised. He was found when the FC heard a bang, which was my son falling out of bed. I asked to be exonerated in court from these allegations of fabricating, but was refused. The SS STILL refuse to accept that my eldest son Lewis is epileptic, and that my lil man Ryan is highly likely to be autistic. The SS are planning on forcibly adopting Ryan, and for Lewis to remain in long term foster care. My children have been seriously neglected whilst in state care, abused emotionally and psychologically, and have been denied their human rights to not only a family life with their birth family, but also to the correct medical treatment and attention that they so desperately need. Dont ever be scared of speaking out and exposing these child abusers, our stolen children are exactly that, OURS!!!! keep fighting for your babies, and never give up, because I know that I wont give up. Our children need us. x x x x x


    1. abused emotionally and psychologically children in so called care, seen it, have evidence of it, but they can abuse as the social worker stated in the natinol press “We do what we like” Can you get your own independant doctor to asses your child not theirs, they lie for them. I am telling all parents living in the london botough of aSutton to move out or risk having the child/or children taken away. I am not scarred of their power its evil so you have to fight evil. Brunwin poetry I have put a lot on have a read. We must all start with vengence fight back big time, they do punish the children if you do I know that, but kids are sad want to come home from being abused emotionally and psychologically, not loved or cared for the way a parent does for them. Reseach the names find out what you can about these devil workers, i did one fled the country just after christmas because I investigated them Police would have arrested him but someone let him know Police where about to qeustion him on keeping children in care passports bith certificares you name it .one down a million to go KEEP FIGHTING everyone big time its your children not theirs


    2. They are absolutely beautiful, and I sincerely feel for you.

      Your children have medical conditions……

      …… and my equally adorable beautiful children have no conditions and I was working hard to make their lives work and ….. rest is history.

      Today, my partner died as a result of finding out that he was unable to help my children, he had promised my eldest, and they were being adopted by gay homosexual male couple (queer, sends shivers up my spine) one Irish/English and other Singaporean Chinese Muslim, Camden council call this “diversification” and I call it “destruction and playing with childrens lives; for they now have no future”; I am left trembling, shaking, on medication.

      Camden why don’t you just write another Manuel and keep walking around with black eyes inflicted by your partners. I didn’t – you have ruined my happy family – this mother will make sure you “laughing stalk” are imprisoned for your wrongful, intentionful misconduct – Promise!

      Don’t know how, but, its a promise! You know who I am – Best for you to read upon “Childrens Welfare” – 9 questions, do you have the answers? Da .. Da , keep reading; us mothers know even without reading

      Camden I promise you, you will pay for what you have done! MA; Mother of MY CHILDREN


    3. So sorry for yous you can tell by your writting your fellings your a good parent that cares about their children. You are right they tag you with any made up lie you cannot defend, they collude together there is no one to defend you properly in court. If these child cases went into a majistrates court it would be a much fairer hearing for parents, real facts would have to be shown, not facts, we think. might, could, we feel, thats not evidence but they get away with this lawless behaviour. As for ill treatment of children, yes your right, abused, ill treated, emotionally and psychologically their minds are damaged by so called care for children, there is no one to stop it, Police report it to them child abuse, they turn you away when you mention SS or name a social worker, so there is no laws for you and many other victims. children taken I believe are destine for the supermarket shelf the first day they are taken from your arms. Don’t matter how good a parent you are they are bassicaly already in transit to be sold on. Many private companies springing up eveywhere now dealing in child care, or so called care,, need children to fill their shelves without children they would soon go out of bussiness. it makes sence they need lots of children anyones child, Start investigating names places ss names of social workers check if they are running their own private company, start investigating them you will be surprized what you come up with. if you Find something on them, it will help big time to get your children back home to their loving parent/s,


  4. Many of these criminals that head children’s social services at the local authorities should be brought to book and stand trial in the highest court in the land. Sutton children’s services should be one of them first to appear in the dock first, charged with Crimes against Humanity. . One top social worker has recently been exposed suspected of corruption using children for his illegal gains and some time in January 2014 quickly fled the country before Police could interview him on these criminal allegations made against him, when there’s one there is more.. I witnessed his abuse his and another social workers ill inhumane treatment against a good family, I had to sit back and watch the total destruction of this loving family,, the cruelty against them was so bad he should along with others that colluded with him, stand trial for crimes against humanity in the Hague I also fell victim of his illegal criminal power of abuse and his colluding colleges, an evilness I would wish on no one. When you punish children further because someone has complained about the bad way they are being treated in care, then you know you are dealing with the devil. I have strong suspicions they where using children ie taking them from good homes to fill their pockets with a big pay off money made from stealing innocent little children, stolen from loving good parents/ parent, its sad, when it happens to you, its like the devil has entered your life, you weaken badly to any fight back that you had before, your world has crumbled gone as you knew it,, making you so ill with worry the world becomes an empty place to live in This is what there destruction does to you when they steal your children And this is crimes against Humanity. By children’s social services Sutton Surrey and over counties where the same acts are carried out like this one Lincolnshire, seems the whole country is infected with the devil workers


    1. What is the highest court in land; I’ve been to supreme court but application carefully considered and rejected.

      Who fled the country? What’s his name and for what?

      So, you agreed with children being in the care system? but you feel he abused, not your but other children.

      Couldn’t agree with you more:::

      “stealing innocent little children, stolen from loving good parents/ parent, its sad, when it happens to you, its like the devil has entered your life, you weaken badly to any fight back that you had before, your world has crumbled gone as you knew it,, making you so ill with worry the world becomes an empty place to live in This is what there destruction does to you when they steal your children And this is crimes against Humanity. “


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