NON-UK Children Stolen by the UK – “in the best interest of the children” – at risk of “future emotional harm”

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

You can only believe it when it happens to you or someone you know. For it means accepting that

  1. Social Services are NOT here to help;
  2. the UK is not the promised land that you thought it was, when you came as an immigrant, looking for better economic conditions;
  3. behind closed doors, UK Family Courts do not deliver ‘justice’ or fairness;
  4. UK solicitors and barristers hardly operate in the interest of their clients, certainly not if they are paid by ‘legal aid’;
  5. UK judges prefer to believe ‘professionals’ than accept the truth by parents, let alone listen to the children screaming to be heard.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe tried to help the Nigerian Musas as a McKenzie Friend. Since then he has been compiling answers to Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests from local councils and published the results of his research as:

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2 thoughts on “NON-UK Children Stolen by the UK – “in the best interest of the children” – at risk of “future emotional harm”

  1. It does not matter where you come from, we are all the same in this boat together. This has been going on for over 60 years taking children at will from good families. And no one wanted to know, but when it happens to yous it shocks you all big time. 1948 to 1972 this country stole 150.000 children from the UK sent them overseas to Australia, children never seen or heard of again. so many lives destroyed. Today 2014 I would say yes, I strongly believe children are again being sent out of the UK to live where I DON’T KNOW. Going what a social worker that went on the run at christmas was up to. Stealing children for his own gain. RUNNING HIS OWN COMPANY. His name
    Darling Gwatidzo senior social worker, packs job in or sacked and flees the UK, police investigating him and others He seems to be one of the main player at the Lodge Carshalton surrey. And their are other involved with child abuse working their, Police investigating them as well.


  2. Yes I am a living example,my baby was adopted forcefully last week by blackburn with darwen LA.They took my 3 kids since 2010 and waited for homeoffice to grant me leave to remain in July 2013 and immediately they returned my two older ones and adopted my 5year old baby.I am in distress now my family has been torn apart.i begged to leave the country but couldn’t as I was told I cant leave,i didnt have passport to do that,homeoffice had my passport.This is not in the best interest of my child but best interest of social service who gets points for adopting children and money for the LA


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