Stolen By Wokingham Borough Council



2 thoughts on “Stolen By Wokingham Borough Council

  1. Ever post that come through on my computer from desperate parent/s all say the same thing, stolen child, lies, told against them. The Sociqal sevices organization is money driven by contatrators, child are placed with contractors not the council. Please read because this is what is going on all over ther UK stealing the nations children.
    I exposed just one senior social worker at Christmas time 2013 he was making sure children were being kept or taken into care long term to finance his own business. Social services has become a money driven organization children come second, they are a good commodity for the many contractors now springing up everywhere. Children sent into care at the start and placed with the contractor, the contractor has their own child care personnel, not the council, I have evidence of child abuse by social workers that Police and top council management try to cover up to this very day. A 3 week old hungry baby refused food, children kept at a business address of one the bussiness director carer for 5 weeks up to 10 hours a day 5 days aweek, not even going to the park once in the heat of last summer, so cruel being. ill kept and un washed they even had had dehydration sores on their faces and had been traumatized, and what happened to this criminal abuse of children by social services organization, nothing covered up once again with colluded lies, of agency workers on behalf of the corrupted social services organization. When an organization so big and growing everyday taking the nations children on a wimp of a false allegation and being un-policed for decades this so called protecting children organization , it bound to happen, every tom dick and harry moves in to find their pot of gold in the name of children, or it could be more evil intent, its children they are after.


    1. You are right, if there were no financial incentives, this whole scandal would end overnight. If you have companies making profit, then you need children who become commodities to be sold to the highest bidder. Everyone should investigate their social worker and what their business affairs are.


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