Stolen By Lancaster Social Services



8 thoughts on “Stolen By Lancaster Social Services

  1. If a case is ongoing in court i sure you should not use real names, photos ok real names don’t think so, can use name simular with photo or nick name I THINK I’M right not 100% sure though


  2. I’d like to give my childrens photos and names, how do I do it?

    I was thinking of a website, that childrens, parents details are printed so that we do not need to go through all the rest? This is the best I have seen of this so far, the best?


  3. So sorry another dearly loved child taken, I am working to get a new organization going with charity status. to help all victims Mums, Dads, grandparents and most of all children, who are the victims as well. So please support me and thoes soon that will join, with a few pennies from heaven as I call it, because that’s what it will need to help so many, “Broken Hearts” on facebook it’s the beginning to fight for the children or child back home again, and all the many victims of social services and there are many. Alan Brunwin children’s author.


    1. seeking advice now on set up etc hoping to get a named person on the board, the public will take more notice but need help getting the word out there using Broken Hearts charity to be. so all the postings you could do or others will greatly help, people will start to take notice. Its my life now just like sunshine and oranges a brave woman see it through, I can’t rest day or night without thinking dreaming of all these victims with no real help Broken hearts will be real help for victims not just talk . the many cries for help i see on the internet when there seems to be none. Its sad so many good people abused by a bussiness world, taking the nations children, destine their supermarket shelf thats wath I beleive is happening. social workers are just foot soldiers, it goes a lot deeper than that. have a look at me on one of my blogs “We can do what we like” read it through it will give you a clearer picture what I believe, when you was a victim and still a victim then you know.


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