CAFCASS-ESQUE NIGHTMARES | Cornwall Community News


2 thoughts on “CAFCASS-ESQUE NIGHTMARES | Cornwall Community News

  1. Am a mum of twin boy 25 years old 17 year old and l have an 11 year old boy they took my 11 year old son and put him with my x partner when my 11 year old was 6 mths old l was 3 mths pregnant he kicked me that hard l lost my baby. This is the kind of man he is l never stopped him seeing his son.In 8 mths l have only seen my 11 year old boy 17 days all l want is help cafcass guardian lied in court l told the judge she did nothing l had the proof and l show the judge but she hung on ever lie that the guardian said HELP ME PLEASE And l just what to see my boy


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