Proceedings In A Civil Court

To All Who Are Involved In Family Court Proceedings Or Any Other Civil Court

As clearly written below…

On entering a court in the UK, you quote: “Can the court confirm in advance that my inalienable divine rights remain intact according of gods law as sworn by this court on the coronation oath of queen Elizabeth ii , and in doing so swear on public record on oath of unlimited liability of perjury that this court holds an oath of office to sit and discharge a decision against my natural right of man where should a failure be shown, stated or proven against the court , the court will find itself and hold itself liable under the magistrates act of 1980 and for an open act of treason in office according to the treason’s act of 1351, where to prove either event and or be found liable to any part of this line is treason against the common man, the charta of liberties and the Magna Carta article 29 of 15 June 1215 so help you god”?



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