The multibillion pound children’s industry selling and trafficking kids world wide. Children Screaming To Be Heard The Silent Witnesses Here Lies The Truth.


One thought on “The multibillion pound children’s industry selling and trafficking kids world wide. Children Screaming To Be Heard The Silent Witnesses Here Lies The Truth.

  1. Below is the letter sent to Mr Cameron on the 2/3/16. The conference has gained much interest even to the fact of an international award winning documentary company will be filming on the day with International guest speakers to include police officers whistle blowers Doctors lawyers evidence of the corruption of the social workers with the evidence of the book given to grandparents also an international speaker on the sectioning of children under the mental health act Sue Reid journalist from the Daily Mail as a guest speaker, this along with many journalist from the media, this conference just may open the doors for the children screaming to be heard and justice for the families. SEE YOU ON THE DAY and together we can tell the Governments and Cameron we are at war.

    Children Screaming to be Heard

    Carlingford Drive



    SS00 SE


    David Cameron

    10 Downing Street


    SW1A 2AA

    Dear Mr Cameron

    On the 21/2/2009 before you became the Prime Minister, I wrote asking you to give grandparents’ rights with a promise I would support your campaign to win the election.

    Both you and Mr Clegg via the media used my suggestion for votes, then when you became Prime Minister Grandparents went out of the back door.

    For your information thousands of grandparents whose grandchildren are in care are told by the social workers, “your grandchildren do not want to see you again”, then the grandparents are given by the social workers a book to fill in of their life, with the last page asking:-


    Grandparents are then told by the social workers we will give your grandchild the book when they leave the care system. The name of the book is (From me to you)

    15th June 2015 I personally handed in a letter to No 10 asking for the families of children in care to be allowed to write stories of (Families for ever storybooks) you ignored the suggestion. I wrote again in 2015 asking the same question, still no reply. I also wrote asking why are Prisoners allowed to write a story for their children so that their children can know they are missed and loved, and again you ignored me and continued to allow untold thousands of children to be ripped from loving families and grandparents, with thousands of children who then become lost in a system that states (In a child’s best interest) and yet prisoners are allowed to write stories of love to their children

    There are thousands of families searching for their lost children who were in the care system and with the support of ITV by their weekly documentary LONG LOST FAMILIES there is a little hope for some along with the Heir Hunters program with untold people dying, leaving thousands of pounds and no will. Then only after they have died does it come to light that they were all alone not knowing that they had been adopted or fostered and had families. Is this part of the lost generations.

    There is not one Monument in the UK to represent the victims of child abuse from and within the care system, again I wrote to you asking for permission for a monument and to say that Laura Lian a well know sculptress had designed a monument and to this day you still have not answered, so how can you continually tell a Nation that families are important when they are continually ignored as you have done so by not acknowledging replies to letters (In a child’s best interest)

    Yes Mr. Cameron you continue with your Tory friends to ignore our children who are a multibillion pound industry creating employment, who have for centuries been screaming to be heard and lost in the care system, but I will tell you that on the 23rd April 2016 I have organized an international conference with guest speakers from within the system, and police officers. Should any one in Government want to learn truth of the British child abuse, the conference is free of charge, if not I will continue via the conference and research to let the world know of the British child abuse because you will not.

    Yours Sincerely

    Maggie Tuttle

    The silent witnesses here lies the truth.

    Copied to

    The media the International media and many in Governments.


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