Karl Lentz – Unkommon Law

This is a must watch for every parent who’s children have been taken by social services.


One thought on “Karl Lentz – Unkommon Law

  1. Hello karl.. my name is Leon. I urgently need help as i have uncovered a 15 year cover up in relation to carbon monoxide poison. The NHS made documents dissappear which confirmed 7 years exposure to this deadly toxic poison and we all nearly died. Hospital records have also vanished. The council who are responsable for the property have also made everything vanish. I have somehow managed to make it all fall out of the sky.. i have a leading expert toxicologist report who confirms what happened etc. I was framed and sent to prison and my sister who was in mothers woumb throughout the toxic poison exposure was taken into care due to the fact a custody battle took place in 2006. The NHS was asked by the court to confirm what my mother stated was on her health records. I have documents stating that my mother made up this whole tragic situation and that she was mental. The NHS refused to test me for carbon monoxide poison along with my new born sister who was born with special needs. This was done to prevent us claiming for compensation. This is the reason i was framed and was sister was abducted by the goverment. I have overwhelming evidence and i now wish to procced to queens bench under common law to have a trial by jury to get justice for the sick and disturbing acts carried out by the NHS/SOCIAL SERVICES/COUNCIL. I urgently need some help. I do not have the financial power i need and everyone is taking advantage. Even the high court are stating that there is no such proceedure by queens bench as a man, they refuse to accept my claims. The NHS have passed their deadlines in response to my claims and they have not responded, I understand this to mean that they will be liable once court procceedings start?


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