LINCOLN POLICE – arrests and child snatch of Portuguese family without Court Orders

The Pedro Family: five children snatched by Lincoln County Council - without paper work

DSC00289Truth is stranger than fiction, once again. And even though I had heard about the Pedros’ experiences on 23 April 2013 before, they sank in with fresh power, as we visited Grantham Police Station – in preparation for Jose’s and Carla’s bail hearings today.

Here we picked up the forms RELEASED without CHARGE: “There is insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”20140521_111629

This time I am accompanied by Terence Steele who is not only a victim of the secret family court system himself but also an accomplished private investigator and active McKenzie Friend.

He had spent time with the Pedros before and approached their two firms of solicitors who had refused to return their documents to them. These include a vital video of the oldest son Emanuel making a statement about his supposed allegation of his father having hit him. 

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