High Court judge allows parents appeal against taking of their son – Marilyn Stowe Blog



One thought on “High Court judge allows parents appeal against taking of their son – Marilyn Stowe Blog

  1. My child was emotionally and psychologically abused at a childrens hospital whose CEO is Sir David Henshaw . She had been diagnosed with iron deficiency , then iron deficiency anaemia . I met with Dr Sian Snelling who denied the anaemia and denied the proximal more than distal muscle weakness which was diagnosed by a senior neuro surgeon . When I suggested I would seek legal advice , she made a veiled threat about contacting my GP about ” my stress ” . My daughters blood test results disappeared from screens and she was abused at other appointments . I made a complaint to the executives . I made a complaint to the CQC whose CEO is Sir David Behan . I took my daughter for a second opinion at Manchester Children`s Hospital , whose CEO is Sir Mike Deegan . She was attacked with a syringe at the appointment . I wrote to NHS England , whose CEO is Sir Simon Stevens and was told that they don`t commission services to maternity and childrens hospitals and that I have to contact the local CCG . I found Sir David Henshaws hospital in the middle of destroying systems operations disks and paperwork and it would appear that a version of the NHS data base was submitted to the family court , whose President is Sir James Munby , which was cut and pasted by judges . I had been coerced into attending a CORE group meeting before the care order was placed and when there , was coerced into attending my GP to ask for a psychiatric assessment . I was apparently diagnosed with a delusional disorder due to my belief that my daughter had the anaemia which was already diagnosed .
    I appealed the care order and was granted permission to appeal . The case was referred back for a re hearing of the original hearing with no additions . A few days before what should have been a re trial , I went to see my child for contact and found her looking like a Belsen victim . All her hair had turned white and fallen out , she had head wounds , was covered in bruises and had severe weight loss . The court guardian and two social workers denied they could see anything wrong and then concocted a story that I had attacked them . They then made an application to suspend contact to divert the re hearing . , At the court I was shown a picture of my child on a lap top wearing a small disk of fake blonde hair on her bald head .
    The judge ordered a Cafcass meeting . When I went to this , the court guardian was not present . I asked the two social workers when I would see my child and was told that I was threatening them by asking . I returned to court and found that the judge had been replaced by a recorder who had previous knowledge of the case . He had refused an emergency hearing a month earlier when I had discovered that fake hair had been used to disguise my daughters hair loss . He also turned a blind eye to the abuse and injustice shown to my child and I , allowed more cut and pasting of documents and re written data base information and granted permission to suspend contact and refused permission to appeal . I appealed this and was refused permission by Sir James Munby who accepted the cut and pasted documents . He also refused me permission to approach the supreme court .
    I have since found out that the judge who was re hearing the case , before the recorder inserted himself , had given directions for the LA to hand me bundles within ten days which they failed to do and my solicitor and barrister did not show me this order . It seems that in the court bundle is a copy of the NHS data base which clearly states that iron deficiency anaemias was registered before Alder Hey Hospital gave themselves permission to destroy the paperwork and systems operations disks , which allowed a re written version of the data base which did not include this entry . The blood test for this had been done at Alder Hey . The bundle also contained a photograph of my child standing next to Roz Gladden , the Labour minister for children`s and adults social care wearing fake plaits in a different colour draped over her bald head and wearing clothing to conceal her severe weight loss .
    How much longer are these disgusting child abusers going to be allowed to continue with this highly illegal practice and how much longer are they to get away with this form of embezzlement before they are arrested and charged ? This really is making a mockery of the I.I.C.S.A , especially as Justice Goddard made it perfectly clear that no department was to destroy paperwork .


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