Psychopathic Social Workers and Guardians.

The truth is emerging.

It is the vulnerable who have been in psychologically and emotionally abusive relationships who become easy targets for psychopathic social workers and guardians who have a complete lack of empathy. Mothers already reduced by an abusive partner, are then further reduced by social workers and guardians, whose sole purpose is to take their children. They break the mothers will by putting in all kinds of obstacles that parents need to get over, which as we now know can never be achieved.

Mothers are set up to fail. The same experts are used to destroy the mother’s credibility. Mother’s are left broken and destroyed. They are left with psychological problems and have to live out their lives in emotional pain and suffering. What seems evident is that most social workers are single females, how can another woman take the child from a mother? What kind of woman is cold and unempathic enough to part a mother and child? The type of woman and man who has low empathy, they are considered to be sociopaths.

They show absolute disregard for another and even revel in what they do. There is a definite pattern emerging and we can now see how the vulnerable are targeted and completely railroaded through childcare proceedings and the family courts are. Every opportunity is taken to criticise the mother’s mental state, mood, personality, character, and parenting style. None of these social workers or guardians is qualified in medicine and have no ability to comment on a parents mental or personality. Of course we know they hire the same doctors to do the job for them.

When it comes to parenting, what qualifies a social worker with no children to comment on a mother’s parenting style? If we delved into the personal lives of those who claim to be doing it in the best interest of the child, it would come as no surprise that they come from backgrounds where their own parenting was lacking. Not just lacking, but unavailable, neglecting and abusive. Psychopathy is born out of low self esteem, low self esteem is born out of growing up in an invalidating environment.

Social workers may have got themselves into socially acceptable positions, but that some make them a lesser perpetrator of abuse. What is happening to loving mothers, fathers, parents, grandparents, etc, is nothing more that abuse. Psychological and emotional abuse of everyone involved. Those involved should be charged with offences against the person and put before criminal courts and if found guilty, given long prison sentences.


6 thoughts on “Psychopathic Social Workers and Guardians.

  1. social services certainly have the correct initials SS, many of their storm troopers are no more than kids who on leaving university are given powers that they are incapable of using to help people in crises. the modern social worker seems to be a mutant from those of yesteryear and have been brain washed into believing that its their duty is to take children into care as all parents are abusers, there will come a time when the only children who remain with the birth parents will be the children of social workers.


    1. Neil, I love your comment. It is so true. I like the sarcastic sentence that the only children who remain with their birth parents will be the social worker’s children. Man, these SW will never have and do not usually have children, because every clever man would be scared to get involve with them. these SW are witches. That is not a man look in a woman.


  2. I am against a lying, cheating social worker at the moment. I started my own investigation and presented them with a series of scenarios. And we were right to do so. This social worker is stopping myself from working as she states no one else, apart from me, can look after my daughter. She is stopping people being part of my daughter’s life and is possibly falsifying stuff.

    I am still in the midsts of my investigation but the more I look at all I have the more it is looking rather shifty against Child Services.


  3. I am a disabled Mum of two who has been abused by the system nnot once but many times over. The years I spent torn away from my family, the years of abuse on everyone and me was terrible. I have been so messed up an now my two sons and me have been torn apart. This is an has been allowed to happen. WHY? I am seeking the truth I will get it and I won’t give up… How many children of all generations how many before justice is served…..!


    1. Angela, the evidence is mounting that the vulnerable are targeted. Removing thier children means they don’t have to put in a care package which costs money, time and resources. Instead they go straight for adoption which means money for them. The truth is coming.


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