“Please note that social workers are being generously financially remunerated for each successful referral they make. See the attached article indicating the clear financial inducement to remove vulnerable children and adults ‘Excellent referral scheme – £250 for each successfully placed referral.’ Also note that the employment agency Sanctuary is the ‘Preferred SUPPLIER to 170 Local Authorities and organisations such as the NHS, CAFCASS and the NSPCC!!!!'”


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  1. Such evil country England has became. I studied english history and just 60 years ago you the English were so much more human. You were actually happy and had family life without anybodys interference. I’m pregnant in my 10th week. I’m also German living in England for the last 20 years and I also am planning to go back to Germany to give birth to my daughter there. I never suffered anything but hearing on YouTube and all over the net all those stories from parents and their children being kidnapped by SS. I do not want to take even 0.01%of the risk and better to just leave this zoo. And better to be safe than sorry. I’m German and if any SS pig took my own daughter away for forced adoption I would have no choice but to buy a gun and brake into local SS office and give my life for my daughter. You the English seems have adopted Hitlers ideas. Very depressing and hope you all will wake up and will start fight this Nazi like government.


  2. These bonuses are for recruiting more social workers, not for taking children into care. I have spoken directly to the managing director of Sanctuary Recruitment, who confirms that this is the case.

    Agencies make money by employing more workers, not by having their existing workers take children into care, so there is no reason why they would pay such bonuses.

    Moreover, I have made a Freedom of Information Act request to every local authority in the country (via the LA megaphone) and NOT ONE has said that they pay bonuses to sworkers for taking children into care or having them adopted, and nor do the LAs receive any bonuses themselves for the same.

    It is certainly true, however, that OFSTED and central Government put pressure on SS to have children adopted, and I have heard many an anecdotal tale of sworkers who have been promoted after a “successful” family court case.


    1. i will fight you all to the bitter end taking children for money, money! how dare you destroy lives
      brunwin poetry will investigate yous be sure of that, Darlington Gwatizdo manager social worker everything he was, police investigation on him, when I ask the Police for more info on Darlington Gwatizdo breach council rules they didn’t answer back, his story is top secret to certain people working at Sutton council, seeing he’s not around any more he fled the UK Jan 2014 so they think they can hid his crimes.


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