Adoption—what’s in it for the social worker?

Adoption Detective | A True Story by Judith Land

Adoption Detective | Judith Land A vintage file cabinet full of secrets and cover-ups. The file cabinet behind the social worker’s desk contained the names, addresses and social security numbers of hundreds of adoptees, birth parents, grandparents, siblings and family members. I wondered how many adoptees from closed adoptions around the world would like to see their records? It amazed me that a stranger knew everything about me. She had complete control over my files—documents to which I was denied legal access. 

True story…when I was thirty years old I discovered the name of the social worker who handled my adoption. I telephoned her office and requested a meeting. The building was drab without windows, photographs, flowers or ornamentation of any kind. She was a spinster at the end of her career. Her hair exactly matched the color of her faded gray suit. She ordered me to sit on a cold metal chair beside her…

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