Secrets Family Courts Forced Adoption Parents Falsely Accused

The following has been sent to every national and local newspaper using the The UK Newspaper Megaphone on the UK Family Law Reform Website. Please feel free to copy, adapt, modify, amend and send.

Children of parents who are in a vulnerable state are being targeted by social services. Once identified, the social services mobalise everything they have to obtain custody of the child. Once they have the child, the parents face an uphill battle to get their child back. Parents are falsely accused of hurting their children or the child is at risk of future emotional harm. A case is then made up against them, based falsehoods lies, fabrication, misinformation in order to achieve the end result of adoption.

The adoption and fostering ‘market’ is big business, with massive profits to be made. Vulnerable and traumatised parents are put before the family court and completely railroaded. One such mother who supplied a psychological report conducted for a university placement, which evidenced a specific learning difficulty of dyslexia and dyscalculia was completely ignored. She couldn’t follow proceedings and the judge concluded that her evidence was evasive and unreliable. She lost permanent care of her child and is still fighting to get the child back. Parents have no chance against the local authority who have an endless budget from tax payers money to hire solicitors, barristers, QC’s and medical experts. It is much harder to get legal aid now and parents now have to prepare their cases without any legal advise. There is a massive imbalance in the family courts.

The secrecy of the family courts allows the most horrendous of bad practice by social workers, guardians and solicitors to continue unhindered. With no reporting permitted, they can commit perjury over and over again without any recourse. And this is happening every single day in a town or city in the UK. There is no justice in family courts, the ongoing adoption market means that adopters, the private adoption and fostering agencies need children. The most vulnerable mothers are targeted, already weakened and traumatised by domestic abuse, the social workers go in for the kill. They know that these mothers have no fight in them and no knowledge of their rights and the law. They are like lambs to the slaughter, once subject to care proceedings in the family court, they stand little or no chance. Social services, guardians, solicitors, barristers have every base and eventuality covered. Those who conduct themselves in secret, fear exposure. There is very little exposure of what happens in the family court.

Under the guise of protecting the children, families, parents are warned not to speak out. Why wouldn’t you speak out if you are about to lose your child? Why wouldn’t you speak out if you have never hurt your child and was about to lose them? If you protest your innocence, you’re trying to hide your guilt. If you don’t agree with a judges findings, you’re considered a bigger risk. If you look or a differential diagnosis, you’re a risk. If you get angry, you considered a threat and unstable. If you cry, you’re considered to be emotionally unstable. The media need to be made aware of what is happening and the pain and suffering that goes on every day, in every town and city across the UK. There are groups being formed all across the UK as more and more parents come forward. Please help to expose this awful situation that no innocent parent or child should have to endure.


4 thoughts on “Secrets Family Courts Forced Adoption Parents Falsely Accused

  1. The Persecution Manual
    ‘The Persecution Manual’ is the title being given to the procedures being used by Social Services in certain countries, in particular Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the other English-speaking countries. The title has arisen from a comprehensive study of the ‘persecution strategies’ employed by Social Services by a Swedish academic. This study can now be used in constitutional and human rights actions by parents against Social Services.
    Here is a flavour of Linda Ärlig’s findings of persecution strategies used by Social Services.
    The authority knows best
    Blackening the names of the parents
    Making children and parents to appear in need of care
    Pushing through and sticking to decisions that have been made
    Disregarding laws and regulations
    Destroying relations of importance to the family
    Influencing the reader
    Disregarding elementary aspects of objectivity


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