What Are Your Thoughts About This?


2 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts About This?

  1. I have found through being punished by this dinosaur of corruption, and collusion so many involved on the corporate side of children’s services. Its been going on for decades and your not going to change it now unless you are willing to except the onslaught they will personally put apone you. Its a battalion of corporate men against one person you will find. The word secret is used to protect the offenders working in the Council LA. Police?? I’m not sure now of one department, do they cosy up a bit to much, crimes against innocent lives of little children held in care on next to nothing or even nothing just made up crap to keep them, then abused and gagged. Sutton children’s services has a lot to answer to. in 2011 social workers were falsifying documents against good parents, This would have resulted in having children adopted out on orders of Croydon courts little babies gone for ever and sending children into long term care not to be seen by their families again. That’s what the whistle blower social worker revealed in the national papers etc. there should have been a full police criminal inquiry at the time when this came to light, I gather there wasn’t one, WHY?, so many victims of an evil practice. Now in 2013 -2014 I find just the same, so corporate side of life wins the day in taking Suttons children. And Merton suddenly joining ranks now with Sutton, Nadia Khan for Assistant Director corporate governance, please don’t send me a threatening letter, I was only trying to help the Sutton executive find the missing Sutton social worker not hinder. . Laila Brice and the Zerettie family you should concentrate on and try putting right all those wrongs , destroyed parents and children lives in the name of a partnership in corporate dealings (CHILDREN) that is sick corporate deals with children. . So bring on your battalion of fighting corporate men, for I will stand against you alone, but with the will of God he will stand by my side. To destroy this evil once and for all for all mankind.


  2. Upset that this happens. Ss have been doin all sorts of dirty tactics with my neice and her son! From never spending a night apart since he was born to now been forced to see him once a wk.he was 3/4 when taken and its heartbreaking.a more cared for or loved boy would b hard to find.my sister is heartbroken and feels her life is pointless since her contact was cut from 3days to zero.the ss had no reason or court order or protection order to take my nephew.they hav been forcing contact to stop whole time and want to hav him forcefully adopted and for the foster carer who he doesnt want to stay with and he is frightened of,to get him and im positive this woman only fosters 2 kids for her own financial greed as she would b unable to afford house shes in as a single person and would need to work and im of the impression that not being rich in intelligence would mean unlikely to get a high enough paid job to afford the house,car etc that she has now.


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