Why Do The Media Ignore The Plight Of Parents In The Family Courts?

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In every city and town, the social services are out of control. They are taking children from loving, caring parents based on false accusations, aided and abetted by the police, paediatricians,GP’s, guardians, solicitors, barristers and judges. Why? Because adoption and fostering is big business and the family court is a massive industry, feeding the pockets of all the above. Why do the courts conduct themselves in secret?

Because if they were open up to media and public scrutiny the whole scandal of the secret courts would be exposed. Those who conduct themselves in secret fear exposure. So why do the media ignore all this and refuse to report on the injustices that occur daily in every family court? There are only a handful of brave and courageous journalists who report on this. The rest simply turn a blind eye.

A defendant in a criminal court has more rights and access to justice than parents in a family court. Criminals finish their sentences and are released and allowed back home to their families. Even offenders who have been convicted of violent offences. Parents in family courts are rarely charged with any offences due to lack of evidence.

However the family court accuse them of significant harm, if it so significant, why are they not charged and put before a criminal court. The answer is simple, because the evidence against them would not stand up in a criminal court.
In family courts the evidence is merely hearsay at best, at worst, it is damn right lies, fabrication and perjurious. Someone needs to listen to the plight of families and give them a voice. Will it be you


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