Medical Misdiagnosis In Family Proceedings

With the case of Ashya King plastered all over the media and how the NHS behaved, it is now time to put under scrutiny the diagnosis of fractures in babies. Parents accused of non accidental injury because of rib, leg and arm fractures should start to ask questions about the diagnosis of them.
1: Do the NHS use up to date and best available evidence?
2: What is the diagnostic criteria for establishing that fractures in infants are NAI?
3: What is the process used when concluding NAI?
4: Where is the medical evidence to back up that fractures in babies are NAI?


2 thoughts on “Medical Misdiagnosis In Family Proceedings

  1. Yes we need to force the NHS to look at the new evidence that’s out there instead of following guidelines that are very old. Social services and the government too. Families are being torn apart through misdiagnosis and losing children when they should not. No more cutting and pasting from the highly paid experts reports this has to stop now.

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