Children of parents wrongly accused of abuse can sue, court rules | Community Care


10 thoughts on “Children of parents wrongly accused of abuse can sue, court rules | Community Care

  1. My son was 10 in march was accused of non accidental injury (rotational fractures to both tibias) and a linear rib fracture in 2007 he was 4 months. My son was freed for adoption after a long battle in 2013. My life is not worth living anymore.
    He was born with CMV which I always mentioned as I was sure this was the reason. In 2013 there was no evidence CMV caused this.
    Last year I found many articles linking CMV to metabolic bone disease. I just want to clear my name now I know I’ll never get him back because that’s the law but I want this taken further so he knows that he was loved and never harmed. He was 7 when I last seen him and at least I got to have a conversation with him and he will remember that I will always love him no matter what. Every day is a struggle and knowing now that the evidence is now there breaks my heart. Surely there is something I can do?


  2. I was wrongly accused almost 4 years ago and had my children removed from me to live wth their father who in the LAs words is a violent and abusive man after a very lengthy court case I was proven innocent but have still lost my children does anyone know who I can contact for help


  3. I am currently in this situation me and my husband are being wrongly accused of causing non accidental injuries, to our daughter , the medical experts are going with the judge and social services and we are going to lose our children to adoption we know were innocent yet we have medical ppl telling us different even though our daughter has a severe low vitamin D which hasnt been taken into account for anything were lost without our babies and dont know what to do to prove our innocenve and move forward please help


  4. I agree to that suing would be good but getting the kids back would be perfect it would be perfect all they are our life and our priority a must ..


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