Family Courts Operate In Secret, Why?


2 thoughts on “Family Courts Operate In Secret, Why?

  1. Please go to The silent witnesses here lies the truth.
    It is not only the British children who are taken into what is known as “In a child’s best interest” it is now most of the children from the EU for this reason Sabine McNeill is representing and meeting with the EU MPs as the voice for the children screaming to be heard. What the world is not aware of is that the British Governments for 100s of years has abused murderd trafficked and sold the uk children, one only has to read history as in this link to know truth as for the family courts the only way to open them is for the Nation to stop marching to war for a corrupt country that from the top is protecting paedophiles and selling our children, but then most people say OH NO it does not affect me, well what of the thousands of grandparents sent to their graves NEVER to see their seeds of love becuase it is not only the CLOSED FAMILY COURTS it is also THE CONTACT CENTRE that is should the SS allow contacts with kids in care, well it is being stopped slowly so that as Jack Straw said in 2009 kids are not allowed to speak out if they are being abused, the law was not passed at the time but then the bloody so called English laws do not have to be passed once said that is the law, ask your selfs why the big cover up of the paedophiles and Dolphin Sq the words of CAFCASS to me recently were ALL KIDS IN CARE TELL LIES AND NONE KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. Here ends kids rights it is now up to the public to march for every kid in the UK.
    Maggie Tuttle


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