Hot Off The Press & Controversial: The First Stats on Family Courts And Hearing Duration

Researching Reform

The experimental data the Ministry of Justice has just published this morning reveals a startling revelation about the impact of unrepresented parties in private family law cases (those dealing with divorce, contact and child maintenance in the main).

Despite everything we have heard post LASPO, it appears that unrepresented parties are not the ones causing delays in the family courts. In fact, the data suggests that lawyers are responsible for a small but sustained increase each quarter in hearing duration.

The overall result from the initial findings is that there is no strong evidence to suggest that Litigants in Person are responsible for increased court time, or even that the increase that is visible represents a significant change over time.

The main findings are added below:

  • No change in overall average (mean) hearing durations. There is
    some evidence that hearings where both parties are represented
    have increased in duration whilst…

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