Traffic – The Documentary 5 minute extract

The feature length documentary that they dont want you to see. 5 minute extract from the DVD which is due for release December 2014. The real truth behind the child protection system. Social workers, Judges, Lawyers and Guardians of the court all working together to secure the removal of children from their families and traffic them around the UK. Share, share make people aware.


7 thoughts on “Traffic – The Documentary 5 minute extract

  1. Ivebeen fighting a sordid corrupt case for nearly three years.
    To win my granddaughters back home who ive brought up from birth
    Judge rachel hudson found my gulity on probabilites
    But i won on criminal side
    But still can not get my two granddaughters back home.
    Costing more money for another barrister down london to fight my case for truth and justice.both granddaughters have been abused and neglected in two foster placements but the whole system has covered it up
    Total flawed


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