Naming and shaming social workers helps no one.

social workers hung out to dry
Social workers have been hung out to dry. Photograph: Douglas Menuez

The practice of courts identifying individuals involved in failings in the child protection system erodes rather than improves it. Read more Click here


10 thoughts on “Naming and shaming social workers helps no one.

  1. Devon county council and the whole social services team are evil, nasty and cold hearted scum bags. They’ve treated me and my ex and my children like sh*t. Complaints fall on deaf ears. Nobody stands up to them. They use scare tactics and manipulation to get what they want and even then they want more. They’ve treated my vulnerable husband appallingly. My children are suffering at the hands of them and yet they’re saying it’s my fault. Pam ardy,Rachel Sykes,Nicola keating, Chris roshangohar and Chris Horne I hope karma comes for you! You’re the lowest of the low and it’s about time your lies were EXPOSED.


  2. Social workers are a bunch of interfeering c××ts who say bad things about people to cover their asses. If they give a bad report about someone and something bad happens they are covered if not their in the sh×t so they always report bad things hope they all go to hell.waste of time and money.They are the scum of the earth do gooders who dont do good . Try to wreck families i could go on all day lets all hope for carma and they all meet a nasty end.


  3. Lancashire county council social workers, not one honest one amongst them. They stole our children and lied through their teeth to justify their actions. They even placed them with known child abusers and a paedophile. Amanda Gierat, Karen Eastham, Nichola Holmes and all the rest hang your heads in shame. Disgusting liars the lot of you!


    1. Rebecca D cruze Bedford ss social worker who is no longer working for Bedford ss lied and stole my angel.Please see my facebook group cs needs justice for more information based on proven facts to back up my face based story.I also have my videos on you tube about the forced adoption of my Olivia.

      Bedfordshire social services exposed had identified me as a vulnerable adult, but not to help me. They demonised my Ex and claimed that he was exploiting my vulnerability and abusing me. Every time he tried to help me they shut him up. When we were asking for help from outside of Social Services we were making good progress until the people we asked for help contacted Social Services. Then we would never hear from them again. So, in telling themselves and others that I was vulnerable and being exploited did they do anything about it or to help me escape. No.
      I was forced, with use of threats, to go to the Assessment Home Dudley Lodge revealed .

      There was no discussion of plans for what would happen at the end of the assessment, despite being asked several times. The only place I had to go was back home with my Ex and they already said that wasn’t going to happen. I think they had not made any plans because they knew that I would fail. They made sure I would fail. They made it as difficult for me as possible without actually tying my hands behind my back. They triggered, or caused to be triggered just about every anxiety and worry of mine and they KNEW I would not react well. They KNEW what my issues were and my difficulties with coping with new things – my Ex tried to explain how to get the best out of me but they IGNORED it. As far as they were concerned – because it was what they had been told, that he was an evil and manipulating Domestic Abuser.

      They took my baby into Care because they claimed that I was neglecting it and did know how to care for it. The evidence they provided was things like the fact that there was a “dramatic” loss of weight, or I was not using enough formula power to make her bottles. The truth of these two things were that the weight loss was normal, according to the midwife, and couple of weeks after birth and baby was big to start with.

      The formula incident was because there was not quite 6 scopes left in the tin. They also stated that I had more concern for myself because I was worrying about contact with my Ex – Home was over 60 miles away and my Ex was unemployed and not on benefits; visits were severely restricted for him because he was not allowed on the premises (because of what Social Services told them) and they did not have the staff to cover – despite the fact I was supposedly on 24-hour constant monitoring. I was not given the support I needed, I was expected to do everything right by myself, first time. It was the first time in my adult life that I had been truly alone. The stress was tremendous but they did nothing to reduce it – if anything they kept piling it on.
      I know they wanted my baby because when they took her away I was breast feeding and initially they would only allow contact for two hours every two weeks. They were NOT THE RULES, but they didn’t care.

      Once they had my baby they only offered Adoption or Kinship Adoption. They Knew that I had no family that could adopt. They KNEW that my Ex’s family were too old. Everything they said and done assumed that they would be awarded custody – and this was months before the Final Hearing. It was only when the Court appointed Guardian got himself sacked (and that’s something that needs to be investigated and explained, although they did state that the reason(s) were not just about our Case, but I am inclined to not believe that anymore).

      It was the Independent Guardian who took over at short notice who asked why they had not offered a Special Guardianship Order. Incidentally, until the Independent Guardian saw Social Services she seemed nice and sympathetic to us and could not understand why we had been treated so badly. After her contact with Social Services her attitude towards us changed completely. You have to ask yourself, are all these people such good players and experts at being two faced? Or have they had their hearts and minds changed by the tales told by Social Services? Either way, it’s not right!


  4. Social services have tried to destroy my family it will never happen they are the lowest if the low your time is nearly up.all social workers and the directors should be sacked.they av murdered so many children in their care.they are heartless and workers should have their children taken of them.they are not fit to be mothers and fathers.i hope you sleep well at night.


  5. To name and shame those responsible for stealing our children will not make a blind bit of difference to the outcome of our cases. Our children are chosen as they are not in any way damaged therefore they are ideal for prospective adoptees. The social worker in my case is most definatly corrupt to the core. Lying is definatly second nature to this female. Never feeling obliged to explain or apollogise for her detrimental allegations when she has been proven wrong or confronted with the facts proving she has blatently distorted the truth. They have no boundaries. They are protected by the cloak of deceit surrounding the family courts. Their opinions are above logic or any law and as we know to our cost they have an opinion centered around destroying a normal loving family overnight. Then given the go ahead to legally abduction our children. This is not an act which is in the best interest of the child. This sadly is for monetary gain. Financially benefiting every social worker involved with child protection.


  6. My Sister and her five children have been involved with Northumberland Social Services. Blyth Team for several years now. What a joke it is Social Services Are supposed to help Vunerable people. Children. Family in crisis. No they ruin peoples lives, break families up. Social Services are an utter disgrace. If I began to tell the story about exactly what Northumberand Social Services. Have done to my Sister and her Children over the years. It is Shocking. To treat vunerable people who need help and Support. And Children. And what do Social Workers do best , I Will tell you. They make their own rules, do what they like. Social Workers are deceitful cunning, nasty, hard hearted individuals, who love to make vunerable people squirm, make them feel stupid, incabable, inadequit. Lowest of the low. Human beings, should not be treat this way, Whether they have addictions, mental health issues, disability, domestic abuse, ect. DISCRIMINATION IS WRONG. My word to Social Workers Blyth Social Services Northumberland. Hang your heads in shame, YOU PEOPLE ARE A DISRAGE. Everyone will be named and shamed. And I mean everyone of you Social Workers. EVERY PERSON NEEDS TO KNOW. How Disgraceful NORTHUMBERLAND SOCIAL SERVICES BLYTH TEAM.. Treat vunerable parents, children, in the system. You Social Workers need to be wiped out and Sacked from your jobs, including the Director of Social Services. It makes me sick to my stomach how my Sister/family have been treat. So so wrong


  7. The ONLY way to subdue the monstrous egos and callous brutalities of our so called “social workers ” is to name and shame the worst of them ! These unpleasant child snatchers would tend to leave non criminal parents alone if they were continually named and shamed for employing their usual bullying tactics.They are at present for the most part, completely unaccountable when they lie,threaten,and persecute families who have committed no crimes against children ;If they knew their conduct would be subject to public scrutiny then at least they would hesitate before snatching babies at birth for “risk of emotional abuse” and using all means fair or foul to win their cases in court and to achieve the cherished goal of “forced adoption”!


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