TRAFFIC – The Documentary 7.5 minute extract which exposes Social Services in the UK

Published on Dec 22, 2014

Another extract from the DVD which exposes Social Services in the UK for illegally removing children and forcibly adopting them for financial gain. Separating families forever. THIS IS what they dont want the public to see. In this documentary you will find real families and real people who have been and are still being affected by the the UK’s so called ‘child protection’ system.


10 thoughts on “TRAFFIC – The Documentary 7.5 minute extract which exposes Social Services in the UK

  1. A children’s needs come 1st
    That is what comes natural to all parents an you change an adapt an you give up your vices an your problems an you do your best for your kids
    So when action is taken against parents an children are removed it’s generally cos the parents / gaurdians are doing a sub standard job at caring for these children
    Not on one occasion but numerous times
    The idea that a child is removed for money is preposterous
    An I know people with addictions mental health problems anger issues everything you can name for an excuse will blame someone else for there child being taken as it’s easier to do this rather than admit you failed your children ,


  2. I had my two girls taken I sorted the issues they had using alcohol to cope its been 33 Months since I drank as a coping method freedom programme for domestic violence and another 10 courses had a baby boy got full custody amd they have adopted my 7 year old daughter out after without even assessing me to see if she can return and against her wishes my wishes and her siblings. There was no need for this forced adoption and the adopter is not aware of all my progress as they claim they are not allowed to tell her… I will be opposing when the adopter puts in her application and make her aware of everything myself. This should not be allowed and I know my daughter will come and find me as she knows how much she is loved and wanted and knows she is safe with me. The emotional harm they are causing her could be avoided! Closed adoption no contact unless they see fit in her best interests in the future if she asks.


  3. My grand children were taken into care last July 2013 becoz social had a refferal stating that my son sexually abused my grand daughter due ti a status on social media site which my son has learning disabilities but social care have been given medical reports this is has not been the case but still social care want my grand children adopted its all not right.Our judge is the one in the video you have and hope he realises tgat no harm has been.i have agreed witg the judge in our case but he is not happy that social care the way tgey have brought this case to court social lost reports did assesments with an unqualified training in pams trained no factual evidence even though theres nothing happened, the social made things up.I have put in complaints into police and social care but still they get away with it hope our judge sees that he stated nothing gas happened and was close to disnissing tge case.Any advice.the social also state neglect but this has never hapoened.thanks


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