Conference: Is the Child Protection System Fit for Purpose?

Researching Reform

A newly established charity run by barristers and solicitors called The Transparency Project, has organised a conference to look at some of the issues inside the family justice system that cause parents and practitioners problems alike.

The conference, which takes place on June 1st this year, is titled “Is the Child Protection System Fit for Purpose?” and features workshops and panel discussions for professionals and interested members of the public.

The venue for the conference is in King’s Cross. This is a fee paying event. Tickets for non family law professionals start at £5 for those who are not currently in work, and £35 for those who are. Family law professionals with 5 years or more experience will be charged £100 and those with 5 years or less experience can purchase a ticket for £50.

Speakers include family law researchers, care leavers, McKenzie friends, parents and family lawyers.

If you’d…

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