Parents Protesting In The UK – Chris Tompson


2 thoughts on “Parents Protesting In The UK – Chris Tompson

  1. My daughter gave birth to beautiful girl in November 2014. Had complications.her.lost 950mg of blood.nearly died giving birth to her beautiful girl.I’m one proud grandaughter is in temporary foster care.they now want to adopt her now.I was attacked by a social worker at the mum and baby unite in Peterborough.the social worker grabbed hold if me and went straight upto my face.I was frightened. This what my exhusband use to do to me.then he would hit me.then punched me in on my right breast.the two social workers went to the police station. They both did a statment their statements do not match.1 of the nurses is on my side and the other nurses is on there side. This nurse was not in the room when the sw had struck me.I had to go to court last month.I had two witnesses 1is my daughter and her friend who went to see my daughter and my granddaughter. The judge was solicitor was amazing has never lost a case. once my daughter makes a statment. My solicitor will go back to court to get it thrown out.the social worker is a compulsive liar she would promise to do something for you.then she will not do it the sw is very abusive, violent hates anyone with mental health or adhd.and judgemental. the sw grabbed hold of my daughter and hit her twice.I have reported her to her manager director of children social services the complaints department. I wrote to the chief inspector he has passed it on to his boss.I’m waiting for a reply.the police and social services are in it together they are so many innocent people in peterborough and in all over England.are loosing their children and babies through force adoption.on lies the best one is harm and neglect. Have they got a crystal ball no.many children grow up being abused. By there adopted services do not like to support families so they make up lies and use brutal force.need to watch traffic its an eye opener.we must stop force adoption. We must put corrupt social workers and police must be charged and prisoner.


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