Snatched from her loving family and handed to strangers:

Sophia was an adored baby with a devoted mother and besotted grandparents. Then social workers tookTorn apart: Sophia (whose identity has been obscured) with her proud mother Samantha an extraordinary decision

  • Social workers prevented mother Samantha from taking baby Sophia home
  • Stems from father, who isn’t with Samantha, having committed sex assault 
  • Authorities now say she fails to recognise potential ‘future emotional harm’
  • Despite a lengthy court battle adored child will now be put up for adoption

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5 thoughts on “Snatched from her loving family and handed to strangers:

  1. I found the following comment on the “Daily Mail on line.” The lady wrote it in regard to the article above, it was written by someone that used to be a Social Worker, but now she condemns the SS.. Read her words:……………………………….

    “I worked in social services for ten years, as a social work assistant, and was horrified at discovering that precisely this kind of thing does indeed happen, while children who were clearly at risk were returned to their addict parents, living in a perpetual cycle of domestic abuse. Personal vendettas against individuals who bent over backwards to prove their commitment to their babies and children did and do take place, and I know of at least two babies who were put forward for adoption despite their birth mother jumping through social services’ hoops. Furthermore, deaths like those of Baby P and Victoria Climbe will continue, as social workers and their managers will always, always close ranks, and put children at further risk rather than admit they made mistakes. In the end, I will never, ever work for a social services trust again, and thank goodness for the NSPCC and Barnardos. This poor family – heartbreaking.”

    And some think that the SS are doing a good job, think again and wake up!


  2. This is the deliberate targeting of vulnerable young mothers and fathers who are completely railroaded through family proceedings. They have absolutely no chance because the social workers know that they cannot understand what their rights are and what the law is. When grandparents challenge the social workers they are deemed to be a threat and will be systematically destroyed in order to present a picture of a fractured and unreliable family.


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