Let Her Appeal!

Let her appeal! MPs back gran, 58, branded too old to adopt granddaughter: Decision labelled ‘disturbing’ as campaigners say couple must be allowed to argue their case

  • Pressure grows for couple prevented from adopting their only grandchild
  • They were told they were ‘too old’ to look after the girl as she grew older
  • But campaigners have rallied to their defence and branded it ‘disturbing’
  • They have said the elderly couple must be allowed to appeal the decision
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3 thoughts on “Let Her Appeal!

  1. One of my sons is fostered by an elderly couple, they have grandchildren younger than him n they treat him very different from their own flesh n blood (n not in a good way), he is very upset with all going on n is even ignored the simple request of more contact with family! SS would not even allow my parents to look after him dispite them offering n being more than able to, a bad assesment intentionally done to jeopardize them from having him caused such anguish on us all it was devastating that not only my character was defamate they attacked my folks as well! The judge outright refused to even speak to my mother to hear what she had to say! Needless to say that SS are encouraging elderly, single parents, etc, to become foster parents, lots of support given on offer to support them doing so so why in the world can they not support biological family unprejudicely to look after children! What they think is in the Childs best interest is obviously not in the Childs best interests butt their own in everyway! Give family a chance, viva la family!


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