Forced Adoptions UK Ian Josephs joins Mike and Kai


5 thoughts on “Forced Adoptions UK Ian Josephs joins Mike and Kai

  1. I’ve been a mum for 25 year l have 4 children my youngest was taken off me and put in the care of his dad.
    In the 8 month that my son has been living with his dad I’ve only seen my son for 14 days I feel this is not be benefiting son.
    Brother: Number 1 son 25 years old in 8 month 1 times he has seen his brother
    Brother: Number 2 son 25 years old in 8 month 8 times he has seen his brother
    Sister : in daughter 18 years old 8 month only seen him 8 times
    Me l have only seen my son 14 days in 8 months
    I took this back to court because he broke the court order you should never stop the father from seeing there dads
    What he is doing to me breaks my heart also my children hearts
    My twin boy work full time
    My daughter work part time and go to collage she would like to be a forensic officer.
    The ss made up lies about me
    I have worked hard all my life l owen two houses my young son had 100% attendants at school but now his attendants at school is down 91% at school
    This goes on and on they said l was emotional harm my son just to say to everyone out do not go to court do anything not go. talk to your x even if he is scum there are bad woman as well as bad men out there but do the best for your child take care everyone love your children they are all life’s little treasures


  2. My sisters children have been taken and put in care and that’s where they will remain we can’t fight against these people or compete with the government purse and I had to step down as as were telling lies on me and I fear for my children, I’m heart broken but holding face the stigma is unreal the area where we live is steriotyed and think it’s for good reason but it’s not my sister have phycoligist evaluation and found her to have mild learning disability the children haven’t been neglected haven’t been abused she’s done nothing wrong one son has adhd and the other son is being evaluated and is now in a special school and the 2 year old son has been placed with grandfather to save him from adoption. As have torn our world apart


  3. I have gone through this sordid corrupt fight for three long solid years no success or joy from corrupt twisted judges to corrupt police officers to evil corrupt social workers to corrupt Cafcass officers my granddaughters abused and neglected in two foster placements and nobody does any thing to help


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