Researching Reform For Jordans: ‘Trying’ Families In Court Is Old Fashioned And Ineffective.

Researching Reform

For our column over at Jordans this month, we offer ways in which the Family Justice System can be reformed and explain why to date this has not happened.

Our recommendations include a drastic rethink of the court model, lifting professional standards so that they meet and match twenty first century expectations and placing policy inside the system which prioritises unity over separation in a family context.

You can read our article on the Jordans website, or below:

Family Court Reform: Thinking Outside The Witness Box

The President of the Family Division has recently confirmed what family law professionals have known for a long time. The system is on its knees, brutally stripped of resources and full to the brim with vulnerable families who can’t access fair representation because legal aid is all but gone. With every year that goes by, new problems layer on top of old ones. Even…

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2 thoughts on “Researching Reform For Jordans: ‘Trying’ Families In Court Is Old Fashioned And Ineffective.

  1. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO CHANGE THIS DISGRACEFULSITUATION ?The only remedy is new legislation on similar lines to the following:-
    1:-No Punishment without Crime. Children must never be removed for simple “risk” (of something that may never happen)
    Children must never be considered for removal from their parents unless a parent has been convicted in a criminal court of a serious crime against a child or children.If a parent is charged with such a crime the child or children may be removed temporarily but returned if the parent is acquitted.
    2:- Parents and children must never be legally gagged
    Restore absolute freedom of speech and public protest as already exists in the USA;. Parents must be allowed to identify themselves and protest via the media if their children are taken from them.When children are in care they should be allowed free discussion with relatives and friends,and given  mobile phones if of an age when they can use one.They should be allowed to speak their own language (if foreign) to parents and others.All allegations of abuse in care should be investigated by police and never ignored.Parents must have the right to call their own children to court as their witnesses (Article 6 human rights act ) irrespective of age.
    3:-Always allow some form of contact between non criminal parents and children..
    Parents not guilty of crimes against children must never be deprived of  face to face contact with their children; but even if they have been convicted of such crimes (providing those offences do not include child sexual relations or violence towards their own children) they should then still be allowed to initiate indirect contact by phone,email,or post . Non molestation orders should only have effect if a parent molests a partner ,spouse or child ;To molest =to intentionally harass or annoy  (Oxford dictionary) and must not extend to legal  prevention of indirect contact.
    4:-Abolish forced adoption !
    Forced adoption = adoption despite active opposition from parents via the courts and other forms of protest.The UK is the only country in the world in which babies can be taken at birth for “risk of future emotional abuse” and then forcibly adopted despite law abiding mothers begging to keep them !.


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