Law for social workers and other humans (part 1)

This piece is aimed at social workers, but it isn’t exclusively for them. Basically, the law has moved very fast in care proceedings since I started writing this blog, and on Twitter yesterda…

Source: Law for social workers and other humans (part 1)


2 thoughts on “Law for social workers and other humans (part 1)

  1. The UK is the ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD where:-
    1:-A steady stream of parents flee the country every year to avoid having their babies and young children taken from them by the State for forced adoption. Social workers,behaving like police , take babies at birth from mothers ,not for anything they have done but for something someone with a “Crystal Ball” thinks they might do in the future !
    The UK is also the ONLY PLACE INTHE WORLD where:-
    2:-PERHAPS THE WORST THING OF ALL :-The UK is the ONLY country in the world where Babies are taken at birth for “RISK of emotional abuse”
    Yes it really is true as most of the mothers who phone me complain because social workers acting as though they were police but with no authority to do so, snatch babies at birth from the hospital for this hypothetical“RISK of emotional abuse” .Social workers by actng in this way are claiming to read the future with neither Crystal ball nor tarot cards or even simple tealeaves !This is I believe the ONLY example in UK law where a law abiding Citizen can be punished in the worst possible way (permanent loss of a child) not for something that PARENT has done but merely because it is thought that there is a RISK !!
    England: 2011 – 2015 NSPCC STATISTICS
    Children and young people who were the subject of a Child Protection Plan (CPP)
    by category of abuse at 31 March.
    Category of abuse 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Neglect 18,600 18,220 17,930 20,970 22,230
    Physical abuse 4,800 4,690 4,670 4,760 4,350 = 9.3% reduction since 2011 !
    Sexual abuse 2,400 2,220 2,030 2,210 2,340 = 2%reduction since 2011 !
    Emotional abuse 11,400 12,330 13,640 15,860 16,660 =46% increase since 2011 !!!
    Multiple 5,500 5,390 4,870 4,500 4,110
    Total 42,700 42,850 43,140 48,300 49,690
    So baby P caused a social workers to concentrate not on physical abuse but emotional abuse (risk of?).Not the picture usually painted !

    Once in court the urgent objective of social workers is to WIN their case come what may as their carrers can depend on it, so they produce “hired gun” Professional psychologists/psychiatrists who regularly back them up in the family courts by exaggerating unlikely risks from parents with so called “personality disorders” even if parents have never harmed anyone in their lives !Everyone can have a different opinion about such so called risks but both before and after these babies are snatched family court judges will nearly always rubberstamp the snatching and later order forced adoption of these little mites by strangers ! That way social workers can blame judges for the cruelty these actions entail .
    3:- where family courts in nearly every town up and down the country are overloaded with desperate parents fighting (mostly in vain) to keep their beloved children from fostering or forced adoption;
    Hard to believe this happens in UK? Well every single day, dozens of babies are taken at birth following a prediction of future risk by social workers and their “experts” .This happens despite the fact that by far the worst risk a court can usually take is to put a child into State care as nearly half such children end up in jail or as prostitutes !UK police have been seen in various videos telling screaming children of the 5-12 age group that they have orders from the court and have to take them away. In fact that was the excuse of the German SS but it did not save the worst of them from the gallows ! Sometimes wicked orders must be disobeyed and UK police should refuse to kidnap screaming reluctant children.
    Even worse, not dozens but hundreds of babies are taken every year from their law abiding mothers for mere future risk,(usually from verbally abusive partners,often long departed or in jail !) and handed over for expensive fostercare or forced adoption in the UK!
    And what about the children themselves?!
    Well, when children are taken into care they are gagged and usually are not allowed to testify in court even when begging to do so. Laptops and mobiles are confiscated to isolate them from family and friends. At parents’ contact visits children in care are not allowed to discuss their cases, say they want to go home, complain of sexual or physical abuse by fosterers or social workers or even speak their own language if they are foreign. If they do any of these things contact is stopped.Murderers and rapists in prison are treated much better than those children as convicts are allowed to phone out and speak to their visitors about anything they like in any language they choose.
    .If a single mum (for example) is told by a neighbour “a social worker called on you while you were out” the reaction would not be “what a pity I missed her” but would almost certainly be “My God they are after my children !”All this is why social workers are the most hated profession in the country !
    Maggie Mellon, British Association of Social workers; Vice Chair says:-
    “I believe that suspicion of parents and of families has become corrosive, and is distorting the values of our profession.
    For the last 20 plus years the number of investigations or assessments into families suspected of child abuse has climbed steadily upwards and now accounts for one in 20 families in England and Wales !!!
    A recent analysis found that since the Children Act 1989 referrals have increased by 311%, from 160,000 per year to 657,800 per year, between 1991 and 2014.
    Assessments have increased by 302% over the same period, from 120,000 to 483,800, while the number of cases of ‘core abuse’ have fallen. The figures show that the ratio of referrals to registrations have fallen year on year from 24.1% to 7.3%.
    Child protection dominates work
    These assessments will have been carried out mainly by social workers. For social workers in statutory children and family teams there is no doubt that ‘child protection’ dominates every aspect of their work. Despite there being no significant rise in the number of children who die as a result of parental abuse or neglect, risk of abuse is assumed to be high.
    What does this say about how social workers view parents and families? And, just as importantly, what must it tell us about how parents view contact with social services? I believe that the evidence is mounting of mutual distrust and fear
    “The policy imperative towards more and quicker forced adoption means we may well look back at this period in horror as we do now to the forcible removal of thousands of children to Australia in the 1930s, forties and fifties without their parents’ knowledge and consent. That was done because it was felt it was the right thing but now we think how on earth could we possibly have done that ….”
    Dave Hill, 57, the new president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS), used his inaugural speech last month to demand a debate about the limits of state interference in family life, saying plainly that “we intervene too often and sometimes too readily”.
    THE BEST DEFENCE for parents involved in any adoption case is to show that adoption is NOT the last and only possible resort as required by law (below) but that the child or children could go to a parent or parents or to relatives under a supervision order with much less risk than going for adoption by complete strangers.
    Orders contemplating non-consensual adoption – care orders with a plan for adoption, placement orders and adoption orders – are “a very extreme thing, a last resort”, only to be made where “nothing else will do”, where “no other course is possible in [the child’s] interests”, they are “the most extreme option”, a “last resort – when all else fails” –Sir James Munby President of the family courts) in Re B:
    There is no reason in most cases why the child should not be returned to parents under a supervision order.
    WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO CHANGE THIS SITUATION ?The only remedy is new legislation on similar lines to the following:-
    1:-No Punishment without Crime. Children must never be removed for simple “risk” (of something that may never happen)
    Children must never be considered for removal from their parents unless a parent has been convicted in a criminal court of a serious crime against a child or children.If a parent is charged with such a crime the child or children may be removed temporarily but returned if the parent is acquitted.
    2:- Parents and children must never be legally gagged
    Restore absolute freedom of speech and public protest as already exists in the USA;. Parents must be allowed to identify themselves and protest via the media if their children are taken from them.When children are in care they should be allowed free discussion with relatives and friends,and given mobile phones if of an age when they can use one.They should be allowed to speak their own language (if foreign) to parents and others.All allegations of abuse in care should be investigated by police and never ignored.Parents must have the right to call their own children to court as their witnesses (Article 6 human rights act ) irrespective of age.
    3:-Always allow some form of contact between non criminal parents and children..
    Parents not guilty of crimes against children must never be deprived of face to face contact with their children; but even if they have been convicted of such crimes (providing those offences do not include child sexual relations or violence towards their own children) they should then still be allowed to initiate indirect contact by phone,email,or post . Non molestation orders should only have effect if a parent molests a partner ,spouse or child ;To molest =to intentionally harass or annoy (Oxford dictionary) and must not extend to legal prevention of indirect contact.
    4:-Abolish forced adoption !
    Forced adoption = adoption despite active opposition from parents via the courts and other forms of protest.The UK is the only country in the world in which babies can be taken at birth for “risk of future emotional abuse” and then forcibly adopted despite law abiding mothers begging to keep them !.
    All major changes are brought about by parliament as only MPs can bring about changes in the law by their votes in the House of Commons. They will only do this if public opinion is strong enough to cost them votes and possibly their seats if they do not comply;Most MPs advertise in local press and on the internet their surgeries to hear grievances from constituents at least once a month. Parents should press for changes in the law at these meetings with their own MPs.Do not as a rule plead your own case as most MPs will refuse to interfere with the courts but cannot easily refuse to discuss changes in the law that you suggest.Also write letters to all the National and also local newspapers that you can think of cutting and pasting the above paras or writing your own versions if you prefer. If enough pressure is brought in this way the law will eventually be changed.


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