Building Redbridge to your heart


Readers may remember the London Borough of Redbridge getting a hard time recently in this case

Like Redbridge under troubled water (a Local Authority takes a kicking case)

And you might remember that the case hadn’t finished there –  MacDonald J had effectively put the Local Authority in special measures, with them having to write to him each and every week to say if the case was still on track to an adjourned final hearing.  So this is the judgment from the final hearing, and if Redbridge’s bruises were healing up, they just got some new ones.

But first, here’s  photo of a muppet.   (this is foreshadowing, y’all… )

No, it's not Honey G out of X-Factor No, it’s not Honey G out of X-Factor

Re  E (A child : Care proceedings) 2016

The final hearing was conducted by Mr Justice Moor, and he opened with this King Punch

  • Following the Family Justice Review, it was recognised that…

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