BASW Launches Enquiry Into Ethics Of Forced Adoption

Researching Reform

The British Association Of Social Workers (BASW) has launched an Enquiry looking into the UK’s current adoption practices.

The Enquiry itself was launched in May 2016, and is still ongoing. The review includes a questionnaire (which can be accessed through the link in the first paragraph), one day events across the UK for stakeholders, focus groups and interviews with interested parties and written submissions.

PLEASE NOTE: THE ENQUIRY ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS. Thank you to Cobalt Atomic for notifying us of this.

The Enquiry will considerthe non consensual nature of adoption, or forced adoption as it is sometimes called,social workers’ involvement in the practice of removing children from parents without their consent and the ethical and human rights issues underpinning this practice.

The Enquiry page outlines theBASW Code of Ethics for Social Work:

‘Ethical awareness is fundamental to the professional practice of social workers. Their ability…

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